Tools we use

What we use to excel at work




Notion is our collaboration and task management tool. It is extremely intuitive to use and helps us work in an efficient way, take notes and manage our tasks daily. Every new project has its own page with a ‘to do’ list. Documentation and meeting notes are all written in Notion.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used for communication – chat and video conferences. We have channels where we write product development and marketing ideas, customer success stories, random stuff like memes and facts, but also very important thing – plan everyday's lunch 😊

Microsoft 365

We use Outlook for email communication and scheduling meetings and appointments in calendar - it allows us to manage our time efficiently.

M-Files icon


M-Files is our software for information management. We use it for project management, marketing materials, legal, finance and HR documents. Every document is stored in M-Files according to our classification.



We use KeePass for managing our passwords in a secure way, where all our passwords are stored in one database, which is locked with a master key.


github logo


We use Git for source control, and we also make use of pull requests, continuous testing and code inspection in order to deliver quality software products. Our approach to software development process is agile - we plan our development work in one to two week sprints.

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps

We use Azure DevOps platform for planning of development tasks and also for continuous delivery of our software. Continuous delivery is a term that defines a series of steps, validations, checks, builds and updates that are performed automatically whenever a new version of software is delivered.

Sonarqube logo


We use SonarQube in our CI/CD pipelines, for continuous inspection of source code quality.

Business Analysis


Business Analysis & BPMN.iO

A tool for creating diagrams such as flowcharts, wireframes or organizational charts.

power bi logo

Power BI

We turn our unrelated sources of data into meaningful insights with this tool.


Freshdesk logo


Online cloud-based customer support software for creating a better customer relationships and experiences and collaborate better across the globe.

Seq icon


Used for structured logging, where both our users and us have direct access via web interface to all necessary logs. All events that happen in our applications are being saved there.

Marketing & Design

active campaign logo


This is a platform with which we create optimized customer experiences by automating marketing and sales processes. We also create our newsletters using this one!

adobe icon

Adobe Creative Cloud

Our marketing team finds this tool suitable for graphic design, photo and video editing and web development applications.

typeform logo


For collecting useful information through creating and sending surveys to our customers.


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