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We work to digitize and integrate your business into one centralized and automated system that enables you to achieve full business potential.

Content Management
Find, access and manage content in the context relevant to you.
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Business Process Automation
Work the data to your advantage. Automate your business processes.
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Intelligent Document Processing
Capture content and attain insights faster for better data-based decision making.
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Process Mining
Increase your business process efficiency, monitor and analyze data in a meaningful way.
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Business Intelligence
Visualize your data, gain insights and drive better decision making.
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Enterprise Application Integration
Ensure that all systems work seamlessly in connection to one another.
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We solve your business problems with the best technology has to offer.

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Find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and ensure information control.

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Leverage your business information and transform the enterprise data into meaningful insights.

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Powerful Microsoft solutions for your business. Access all your data from anywhere anytime.

Intelligent Information Management

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A metadata‑driven information management platform which enables you to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and ensure information control.

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M-Files platform

Find, access and manage content in the context relevant to you. Solution tailor-made for your business.

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Extension Kit for M-Files

A no code solution for extended M-Files functionalities. Unlock the full potential of M-Files without coding.

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What Our Clients Say

"My team members are now able to create operations/functions that under normal circumstances would have been made by programmers, thereby we're able to make configurations way faster and cheaper."

Dominik Wcibisz​ Regional Implementations Lead

"Unitfly is the best M-Files partner we've worked with. I most appreciate the fact that, besides being able to meet any technical requirement that we as a company put forward to them, they are constantly involved in key business processes and their ideas improve our business. All praise for their support and quality."

Boris Lovrič CEO

"With Extension Kit, we have been able to take our M-Files usage to a new level in house without having to understand event handlers, coding. I could not imagine our M-Files implementation being as effective without Extension Kit."

Srikanth Matam General Manager

"The reason why we love the Extension Kit is because it eliminates the need for writing custom code in projects nearly completely. The efficiency gain through the Extension Kit can be extremely high depending on customer needs. I consider it as a must have in the portfolio of every M-Files solution partner."

Beat Dietrich Head of ECM Business

"Instead of 3 weeks of development and testing, we were able to complete the automations in 2.5 days and testing in 0.5 days. Changes to the process have also only taken a few hours, where previously, using VAF, it would take a couple of days."

Harrie Terblanche CEO

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