How to Make a Great Solution with an Agile Approach

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In order to understand our customer’s demands and requests, we need to understand the fast-changing markets and the need for fast information flow. Since “cheap” is rarely going to be in the same sentence with “great”, we decided to focus on an amazing solution done in time – with an agile approach.

Choose the Right Content Management System (CMS)

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A good information management system helps you make the right business decisions and connect your content more efficiently in the times of remote work and the pandemic. Read on to find out what to look for in a good CMS.

Automate Your Email with M-Files Email Processor

In today’s world of business, we spend a big part of our day writing, reading and, frankly, deleting, our emails. Here’s how you can declutter your inbox from irrelevant emails and improve your productivity.

How to Automate Human Resources Employee Management

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Human resources departments spend most of their time on administration, instead on what should be at the core of their business – employees. M-Files provides complete automation of human resources processes from hiring to managing each employee.

How to Manage your Travel Orders

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Read on to see how M-Files solves the challenges of manual handling of documents, in this case, travel orders and invoices with document management and digitalization.

Decision-Making Process

There is no digital transformation without business intelligence (which among other things, consists of information processing and decision-making) and organizational changes. Today we will focus on decision-making process.