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Business Process Automation

Work the data to your advantage
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Stop wasting time on routine work. Automate your processes.

Automate contract approvals, invoice processing, employee on-boarding process and other use cases that require the review, edit, and/or approval by several entities.​
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Find and use documents easily

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Complete work effectively

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Ensure compliance automatically

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Collaborate securely

Analyze Your Data & Leverage Your Business​

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Get Reminders & Notifications​

Automate notifications based on specific events. Get a notification when a document is edited or modified.
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Assign & Track​

You can assign tasks to employees and track the status and state of all assignments.
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Authorize Roles​

Make sure that important documents are reviewed and approved by the appropriate individual. The right document always goes to the right person.
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Get Visibility​

Monitor how many processes get stuck and have full visibility of your projects. Increase the capacity to deliver.

Business Process Automation Platforms

Support all your key processes and workflows. Find, access and manage content in context relevant to you.
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ABBYY FlexiCapture

Automatically capture data from documents. Categorize, process and deliver data quickly and more accurately.

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Benefits of Business Process Automation

Minimize manual tasks, find the process bottlenecks and utilize your time to the work that matters.

Start with the manual tasks that can be automated to save time and increase productivity. We will help you during the whole process.
You can automate notifications based on specific events. The people whose input is needed are notified.
Visualize your workflows performance, analyze bottlenecks and improve them.
Easy process design. Build and edit rules and flows with just a few clicks.

Reach Your Full Business Potential

Schedule a free consultation with our solution architect. Based on our initial conversation we’ll be able to propose next steps and potential solutions.

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