ABBYY FlexiCapture

Intelligent Document Processing

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Intelligent document processing platform that captures meaningful data from documents, minimizing manual tasks. Content from documents is automatically pulled, analyzed and delivered accelerating processes, reducing costs and errors.

Capture content and attain insights faster for better data-based decision making.

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Cloud Availability

Configurations for FlexiCapture can be deployed to either on-premises or cloud and are compatible with both. Choose the best option for you.

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Advanced Document Clasification

Using the latest machine learning methods, ABBYY FlexiCapture classification technology detects formats, types and images to sort and label the document for you.

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cloud supports large amounts of data


FlexiCapture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally to support high volume business data.

cloud supports large amounts of data

Advanced Monitoring & Analytics

FlexiCapture offers tools for analysis of business processes to optimize performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

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Faster and More Accurate Processing

Content from documents is automatically extracted, analyzed and delivered enabling better fact-based decision making and responding.

Reduced Costs and Errors

Helps you reduce document processing costs by automating the task of understanding and directing documents without the need of manual categorizing or sorting.

Integration with Information Systems

Smooth integration with information and accounting systems for faster business processes.

Machine Learning

The system uses machine learning for improvement of processes and adjusting to your business requirements.

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