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Microsoft Azure

Powerful cloud solution for your business. Ensure that all your systems work smoothly and efficiently in connection to one another.
Connect all your platforms and services with Enterprise Application Integration.

Hybrid Solutions

  • Connect your own infrastructure with Cloud
  • Connect business applications across any infrastructure
  • Access your own data from Cloud

Fast and Scalable Solutions

With our architectural approach based on customer needs, possibilities of cloud computing and our experience in developing highly available systems, you get solution that guarantees speed and quality to your end-user.

  • Highly available web and mobile solutions
  • Cost optimization
  • Guaranteed speed and quality

Data Management Solutions

  • Gather data
  • Analyze your data
  • Big data storage and analytics
  • Real-time analytics

Microsoft Power BI

Business analytics service that enables you to gain insights from data throughout your organization. It provides interactive visualizations and powerful tools for transforming, analyzing and visualizing your data.

Connect To Your Data

Connect to what matters to you. Using Power BI, we can connect to your cloud data source, on-premise data source, Excel spreadsheet, Big Data or other data sources; it really doesn’t matter.

Data Visualization

Interact with your data and discover business insights. Once you have your data sources connected, you can transform your data and visualize it using a rich set of reports.

Microsoft Process Advisor

A process mining tool that identifies processes and displays maps with data and metrics to recognize performance issues and discover automation opportunities.

Understand your processes

Process Advisor reconstructs the process instances from your data step-by-step, so you can optimize them. Gain a deeper understanding of your processes using event log files.

Optimize processes

By reconstructing original processes step-by-step, you are able to detect bottlenecks and reduce process execution time, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Reach Your Full Business Potential

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