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Business analytics service that enables you to gain insights from data throughout your organization. It provides interactive visualizations and powerful tools for transforming, analyzing and visualizing your data.

Discover the past, analyze the present and influence the future with Power BI.

Connect To Your Data

Connect to what matters to you. Using Power BI, we can connect to your cloud data source, on-premise data source, Excel spreadsheet, Big Data or other data sources; it really doesn’t matter.

Data Visualization

Interact with your data and discover business insights. Once you have your data sources connected, you can transform your data and visualize it using a rich set of reports.

Sharing and Accessibility

Share your reports with specific users, user groups, colleagues or an even broader audience. Easily access your reports also from your smartphone or tablet.

Real Time Streaming

Stream your data and update the dashboards in real-time. The devices and sources can be anything from social media sources to source from which data can be collected or transmitted. You can use our Azure Services to setup a complete architecture.


Improve Your Reporting

Change the way you do your reporting. The rich set of visuals allows you to create and customize your reports specifically for your needs.

Enhance Your Solutions

We create and customize dashboards using Power BI and then give your existing users the ability to view these reports straight from your solution. We can embed reports into your web or mobile applications.

Understand Your Data

Convert all your data to the set of visuals through and get insights. Support your decisions based on facts.

Share Dashboards and Collaborate

Once we create your dashboards you can share them how and with who you want; we will provide a collaboration that suits you best.

Business Intelligence is turning information into action and action into improved performance.

Williams & Williams, 2003

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