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Come to a place where people come first

A culture of support where you can do your best work

E  very day we create the best solutions for our clients’ business. In order to create a tailor-made experience for our clients, our team members get the same. 


That means that we explore, research and make decisions that alllow us to do our best work. Happy and satisfied. 

Take That Vacation

One of our core values is quality time spent with family and friends. That’s why our vacation policy is non-existent. That means that you can take vacation whenever you need it.

Work From...

General rule is that we work from the office. We enjoy working together, we like sharing information in person and we like to have drinks and burgers on Fridays whenever possible. But of course, you can work from home when you need or want to.

Top Of The Line Equipment

We got you! Your work station should be set up with the equipment that you need and enjoy working with, and we can offer that.

Health Benefits

We have healthy snacks and fruit in the office all the time. We want you to come to work happy and healthy, but not afraid of the check ups!  We offer generous health package for all our employees - general medical examination, several specialist examinations are on us.

Budget For Self Improvement

Books, courses, conferences - you’ll get the budget for self improvement in what way suits you.

We Know People That Know People

There is always a way to help someone with friendly introduction, contact or assistance. We know people that make homemade food and drinks, people that know how to bring fresh fish in a day, car mechanics,…

We are not only great at what we do, we are also proud of how we get things done.

What helps us grow

We invest in building strong connections between team members, because we rely on trust and transparency. That means we talk, we discuss and we question. Constructive feedback is a part of everyday life, we continuously learn to give feedback and respond to one.

Planning and feedback

Using the OKR framework for planning, we make sure everybody is involved in setting goals and making decisions. Monthly 1:1 meetings with a manager ensures your needs and wants are met and there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your work.

How we work

Our way of working consists of continuous discovery and feedback from our clients. During the process of development and implementation we seek regular feedback from our users – to develop the solution tailor made for them. We pride ourselves on our way of planning and prioritizing, which happens on a weekly basis for each of our departments – engineers, consultants, marketing and finances.

Technologies we're passionate about

Tech enthusiasts we are, we love to research and find the latest and the best technology has to offer, in order to innovate and create the best solution. We maintain the highest quality of our code. The code we write always gets a second look from one of the teammates, and no version of our product gets released without automated tests.

What it's like to work at Unitfly

A people-first company

Unitfly nurtures a people-first culture. That means that behind every role stands a person – and our goal is to help that person become the best self professionally, working in a supporting and encouraging environment. Our way of working is not special, it’s not spectacular – it’s as good as our people think it is. And there is room for improvement. We want to show you how we work – clearly, transparently as we can, and it’s up to you to assess if you think it’s the right way. Or you think it can be improved- if yes, welcome aboard.

How we select our team members

Found a role you’re interested in? Fill out our form, answer a few questions and attach any document you find relevant.
Let’s have a short Teams call to get to know each other. Tell us about your experiences, skills and interests, and we’ll tell you more about us.
After the call, we’ll send you a few tasks. This will give us an idea of how you think and solve problems. After you submit your answers, we’ll check your results and get in touch.
Ideally, we would meet in person at the office, to discuss the details of the role you applied for and answer all questions you might have.
The final step is to introduce you to your future team and to discuss formally bringing you onboard. Welcome!

Open positions

Product Marketing Specialist

Osijek, Croatia

Software Engineer

Zagreb/ Osijek, Croatia

Junior Solution Consultant [Student]

Zagreb, Croatia

Solution Consultant

Zagreb/ Osijek, Croatia


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