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Find, access and manage content in the context relevant to you

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M-Files is a metadata‑driven information management platform which enables you to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and ensure information control. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver superior customer experiences and higher‑quality work with lower risk.

Why M-Files

Find Documents In Seconds

M-Files works on the principle of what instead of where something is stored - information can be accessed and managed through a single view.

Adaptable to Specific Needs

You can manage your HR, Backoffice, Sales, Marketing, Finance or any other department within M-Files, completely integrated with your other business applications.

Intuitive to use

You don’t have to waste time going through an enormous web of folders and documents. Simply use tags to describe a document and search accordingly.

Track Your Business Processes

M-Files workflow features enable you to adopt to your specific needs and gives you a tool where you can manage, track and improve your business processes.

From Global Enterprises to Local Small Businesses

8.000+ organizations rely on M-Files

450.000 users worldwide

M-Files Solution Catalog

Enhance your M-Files experience with added functionalities
Our Approach
Unitfly & M-Files

Agile approach to solving problems and implementing solutions is at the core of our company. Implementation of M-Files can’t be done without a thorough analysis and understanding of the client’s needs and goals. We encourage an active collaboration with the company’s employees and listen to their feedback and deliver solutions based on their needs and wants.

If we don’t understand you business, we can’t propose a complete solution for your company. We conduct thorough analysis of your business processes, needs and goals in order to offer you the right solution.

When we present M-Files, we present solution tailored for your needs instead of a general technology presentation.

We give you the chance to try out the system with a pilot project – with low implementation cost and low risk.

In order to deliver the best solution for your company, we encourage active collaboration with you and your employees. We propose ideas based on your needs.

We integrate M-Files with your existing solutions so you can save time and have the best customer experience.

Our goal is to educate you and your employees to use our solutions to the fullest extent.

We act as a long-term partner who continuously supports the system and proposes future upgrades.

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