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Process Mining

Increase your business process efficiency

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Analyze, improve and support your business processes

With process mining solutions, processes are easy to monitor and analyze in order to exploit the data in a meaningful way.

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Discover insights

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Identify bottlenecks

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Streamline processes

Get insights to improve business processes

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Improved Process Efficiency

Transform the immense amount of data into valuable insights. Identify bottlenecks and opportunities to optimize processes for maximum efficiency.

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Reduced Time and Increased Productivity

End-to-end visualization enables you to identify steps that can be automated. That way you save employees’ time and efforts usually spent on manual tasks that can easily be automated.
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Full Process Transparency

Visualize your business processes from beginning to end even if the data is sourced from different systems. Get the full transparency into the workflows and discover insights about your business processes.
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Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

ABBYY Timeline automatically monitors process performance and uncovers areas when any step is missing or repeated, presenting opportunities for continuous improvement of the processes.

Analyze Your Data

Using process mining solutions you can reconstruct the original process instances step-by-step from your data, even if it comes from multiple sources. You get fast and accurate results to interpret and act on.

Connect Data from Any Source

You get a single unified process intelligence solution to visualize and analyze your business processes, no matter how many systems you use in your business.

Identify Bottlenecks

By reconstructing original processes step-by-step, you are able to detect, open up and cut out any unnecessary steps to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Automate Your Processes

Process visualization enables you to make data-driven decisions and identify the opportunities for automation. Spend less time doing tasks that can be automated and improve productivity.
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Gather, transform and load data for process analysis

Use your data to understand and improve your business. Extract data from M-Files into any process mining solution for further process analysis.

Process Mining Platforms We Offer

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ABBYY FlexiCapture

Process intelligence platform that models your business process operations in order to analyze and identify bottlenecks, as well as to predict future outcomes.

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Process Advisor

A process mining tool that identifies processes and displays maps to recognize performance issues and discover automation opportunities.

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A process mining platform that allows organisations to achieve digital transparency and to leverage the full potential of their transactional data to drive operational efficiency, customer service excellence, and continuous process improvement.

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