The what and why behind our web redesign

After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to announce our web redesign – a new, easier to navigate and more user-friendly Unitfly website.

As a company that strives toward technological excellence and agile business approach, we want to make information about our solutions, products and perspectives accessible to our clients and prospects. Therefore, our goal with the new website is to offer an easier, straightforward way for our clients to learn about our services and find information they are interested in.

Our whole business philosophy is based on listening and understanding our customer’s needs. The most important aspect of our website is the ability to tell our story, solutions and products in a way that our current and potential clients can understand the value and benefits of our approach to solving their business problems. We worked extensively on generating a website design with informative content that is approachable within a few clicks.

What’s new?

  • New design

Fresh, clean design for a better and more intuitive experience.

  • Easier navigation with a mega menu

We’ve incorporated the new menu that offers more information and better guidance throughout the website.

  • Schedule a consultation directly

We’ve removed the wait period between your contact message and us getting back to you. Now you can schedule a consultation with our solution consultant directly.

  • Customer portal with product documentation and guides

Here you can find all the information on our products, installation guides, FAQs. We are constantly updating and adding more resources to create a well structured knowledge base to answer all your questions.

  • Email newsletter

Keep up with the industry trends, get product guides and our read about our perspectives. Scroll down and subscribe to our newsletter!

It’s all about the people

For the last four years, we have grown in services and products we offer, and in number. Our priority and focus is building a great culture and Unitfly identity, with the team growing each year. Since we continuously work on this, we want to show our company personality to the fullest. Our priority is to create a great culture for our team, so our clients can have the best professionals ready to help. And we wanted to express that. The new website gives better access to our Purpose – our team and our approach.

In the next few months we have a lot of new things coming, bringing you more valuable content and improving your experience. It is a path of continuous improvement, with taking into consideration your thoughts and your needs.

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