Unitfly Announces Launch of New Product: Meet Low-Code Platform Auclio

Unitfly is excited to announce the launch of our latest product, Auclio, a low-code platform for information management.

Non-IT companies often face challenges in developing custom solutions due to limited resources and time constraints. Recognizing this common pain point, Unitfly has invested resources into developing Auclio, a platform for building business applications.

The Journey: From Services To Products

Founded in 2017, Unitfly has positioned itself as a trusted advisor in information management systems. Leveraging years of industry experience, our dedicated team of professionals has worked to bring Auclio to life.

With its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, Auclio bridges the gap between low-code and no-code solutions, offering flexibility, speed, and affordability.

It meets the diverse needs of businesses across industries. From IT managers seeking efficiency to small business owners, Auclio is designed to adapt seamlessly to the unique requirements of every organization.

auclio platform - a product by unitfly

A Future of Information Management

Ivan Marković, CEO of Unitfly, shared, ‘With the launch of Auclio, we’re not just introducing a product; we’re offering a solution to a common challenge encountered by non-IT companies. Our goal is not only to solve our clients’ immediate challenges but also to completely change how businesses handle information, and Auclio will significantly help us in that mission.”

Bruno Dobrota, Product Manager at Auclio, added, “We’ve designed Auclio to be the missing link between low-code and no-code solutions, ensuring flexibility without compromising on speed or affordability. We are excited to introduce Auclio to early adopters and beta testers.”

The Unitfly team is already building numerous use cases with its prospects (from a project management solution to a CRM tool, and many more). Auclio met 94% of the initial requirements with its first client, showcasing the adaptability in meeting specific organizational requests.

Learn more about the platform: Auclio website, or sign up now to join the beta and see how your business can benefit from a low-code platform for information management: Get Started.

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