Unitfly values

Why we are who we are

What we believe

A   t Unitfly, we aspire to help businesses leverage their full potential. In order to do that, we want to nurture professionals that are determined and passionate about their work. To help us succeed, we created a culture that is people-first.


That means that behind every role stands a person – and our goal is to help that person become the best self professionally, working in a supporting and encouraging environment. Our values reflect just that.

Passion and innovation

Innovation is ingrained in the way we work, and brainstorming is something we practice regularly. All ideas are welcome... which often results in something new, better and more creative - we’re not afraid to try new technologies or practices! Our team's knowledge is broad, which always leads to better solutions.

Mutual respect

We collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds. Externally- with our clients and partners, and internally- with each other. We only say things about our colleagues that we say to their face.


We acknowledge mistakes freely and openly. We are not “know-it-alls” and we understand that there is always room for improvement and someone to ask for guidance or support. We encourage each other to share the obstacles we encounter and communicate our ways of overcoming those challenges. We do that once a month on our knowledge sharing sessions.

Our growth and reputation

The company has been operating since 2017. The foundations’ “bricks” have been laid every working hour. We are growing year by year, and the feedback from our partners and clients gives us additional confirmation that we are on the right track!

Optimism and persistence

Positive mindset is our default, whether we are celebrating our wins or learning from our mistakes. Yet, we are consistent in our persistence 🙂 We believe in what we do and we know that we are creating something useful for our clients, and therefore for all of us!

Feedback and honesty

The great importance is given to communication. We encourage honesty and feedback in order to grow together. We tell you, you tell us. Our goal is to identify the strengths each one of us has and nourish those skills we have as a team.

Cool benefits policy

We also have a great benefits policy. We try to make everyone feel rewarded and appreciated for their work - unlimited vacation policy and extensive health insurance are just some of the ways we do it.


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