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Our values

Family, friends and loved ones

We believe that everyone has to take care of family and be sure that they spend quality time with them. Friends, often considered to be our extended families, are huge part of our life and you have to think of them. We offer very generous annual leaves, flexibility, parental leave policies and other benefits helping you to enjoy what is the most important.

Feedback and transparency

Work colleagues are not family but they deserve to be treated like family members. We encourage honesty and feedback in order to grow all together. Each one of us has specific strengths and our goal is to identify and then manage around those essential skills we have as a team. We look at work not as an individual but team sport. Everyone is equally important.

Work environment focused on continuous improvement, exceptional people and exceptional quality

Industries, technologies, business needs and even people will change. In order to be the company we want to be, we have to be exceptional. Exceptional quality could only be delivered by exceptional people. And in order to become and stay exceptional we believe that only a sustainable path is a path of continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is main ingredient of every process.


Innovation is in our DNA. Innovation in a sense that we are not afraid to propose new ideas, try new technologies or recognize problems that need to be solved. There are services and products in which we are currently experts at and we are offering to our customers. We encourage everyone to change existing offering, to generate new ideas, to find customer problems that need to be solved and to develop new services, products or ventures.


What we guarantee to our team members

• Focus on continuous improvement

• Honesty, feedback and open share of information

• Generous vacation policy

• Flexible benefits policy

• Focus on excellence

team members

Individual values of our team members


We have a passion for work.


We treat people with respect regardless of their status or disagreement with. We collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds. We only say things about fellow employees that we say to their face.

Ready to learn

We are ready to constantly learn and improve. We are not "mister know-it-all" and we understand that there is always room for improvement. We admit mistakes freely and openly.


We give, receive and share information and feedback openly.


We are optimistic, quietly confident and humble.

Open minded

We are open minded and ready to change.

Top performers

We demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon us.

Benefits we offer

Benefits we offer are highly customizable and are subject to each individual’s preferences. There is a list of what you will get for sure and a list of what you can choose to have. For example, if you prefer running outside rather than going to gym, we don't want to give you free access to gym but rather buy you running shoes that will help you achieve your goals. You are not a coffee person? No problem, we will secure great tea.

Moreover, as people are main element of our culture and values, we will constantly work on benefits, always try to find the best model. Benefits should be much more then what is written on company's website, right?

Free time

As one of our core values is quality time spent with the family and friends, we offer at least 22 days of paid time leave This is absolute minimum and this is what you will start with. And this minimum is what we believe should be taken for proper refresh.

Then, as we know that sometimes you have to take a day off not to go to vacation and rest but to do administrative work, help someone to move, or all other things that are important to you, you will also have extra 4 days for these kind of occasions. No worries, you don't have to explain what you need it for, but it is ok to bring food or drinks to try it if that was the case 🙂

Every year so far, we have took company-wide leave during the winter holidays, from 27th to 31st of December which comprise of additional 5 days for rest that you don't have to take from your vacation time. We cannot promise this but at the moment we don't see a reason to do anything differently then previous years.

Work from...

General rule is that we work from the office. We will soon have a great coffee machine, we enjoy working together, we like sharing information in person and we like to have drinks and burgers on Fridays whenever possible. Yet, we offer you to work from home when it is convenient for you. We don't have strict rules here and this is subject of discussion and agreement among the team members.

Bonus policy

We are working on this. Every year so far we have had bonuses based on the company and individual performance. As a small team, it is simple to manage it but we know that rules are not very clearly defined. The plan is to have it in the future as we will grow as a company. Nevertheless, our goal is to create a company in which everyone will have financial benefits if we, as a team, are performing well.

Health and self improvement

We offer flexible bonuses here, and you will be able to choose what you want: general medical examination, healthy snacks and fruit, Gym, budget for books, conferences and education, budget for self improvement in any way.


We know people that know people 🙂 There is always a way to help someone with friendly introduction, contact or assistance. We know people that produce homemade food and drinks, people that know how to bring fresh fish in a day, car repairers,... There is also an unwritten rule that you have to bring beer from the country you are traveling to, so this means that we always have drinks and food in the office. And with the great clients, projects and innovations, we always have reasons to celebrate small but important victories.

Open positions [HR]

We don't have open positions right now.

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