What is M-Files and why M-Files

We have witnessed projects that failed because of a high start price. This failure leads to endless bickering between sales and development, did it happen due to high evaluations in hours or initial price per hours. Even if the initial project cost is acceptable, project timeline without any significant demo is just too hard to grasp for customers. Usually customer wants:

  • Fantastic solution
  • Almost free
  • Finished “yesterday”

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Digital Transformation Challenges or Why M-Files

To understand our customers demands and requests we need to understand fast-changing markets and the need for fast information flow. Digital transformation is a train that every CEO needs to catch and move his company uphill (and avoid misconception that Digital Transformation will not happen to them).

Unitfly’s approach towards the customer is more like partnership. As we are directly involved in the customers mission to solve problems, needs, demands, we can analyze the situation and propose solution. With lean and agile approach we study problems and instantly give innovative and tangible solutions to a customer. Project can be divided into several phases. Even most complex ones can be broken down into functional and meaningful peaces where customer can quickly see results. That approach allows us to listen to customers feedback and adopt solutions based on those needs. Moreover, we are helping customer in adaptation to the new solution.

That kind of collaboration with customer, with the phase based approach, can really “Finish yesterday” however, not “Almost free” but this way our customer doesn’t have to risk with his one time investment. Results are instant and visible. To come to a “Fantastic solution” we are working with M-Files platform.

What is M-Files?

M-Files is a great Finish platform for enterprise content management. It’s true when they said that good things come from Finland. M-Files is fitting perfectly with our customers approach and is able to satisfy every need in any business area.

With its great vision M-Files is growing and expanding horizontally and vertically. With Horizontal approach they are expanding and growing among customers. They are in leaders quadrant by Nucleus, Deloitte and Gartner and that couldn’t be done without listening to their customers, partners and following trends and that also brings horizontal strength of M-Files. There are so many functional and easy to use features inside M-Files platform. They analyze their weaknesses and bring new features that solves those weak spots instantly.

Image source: https://nucleusresearch.com/research/single/ecm-technology-value-matrix-2017/

M-Files is great Enterprise content management platform and also great solution for any kind of document management system. Processes can be easily created with workflows, objects described with metadata for easy search and dynamic views. Intelligence metadata layer, Image Analysis, Information Extractor are great new features and will lead M-Files to a top of Gartner Leader Quadrant.

What next?

If you are ready to “catch the Digital Transformation train” and you are considering M-Files as a solution for your needs please visit our M-Files Services page and find more details about the platform and how you can benefit from M-Files.

You are not sure about your business needs but you are aware that Digital transformation is here? No problem at all. Please contact us, we are looking forward to talk to you and looking forward to improve your business 🙂