Process Intelligence Kit

Gather, transform and load data for analyzing processes

Use your data to understand and improve your business. Extract data from M-Files into any process mining solution for further process analysis.

Process Intelligence Kit is an M-Files add-on for ETL process (Extraction, Transformation and Load) from M-Files to a specific database. Easily export M-Files log data or M-Files audit to a specific database for further process modeling and analysis.

Benefits of Process Intelligence Kit

Gather, transform and load data for analyzing processes

Export two types of logs from M-Files to any other system

Easy configuration and setup procedure to export logs

Process Discovery

Exporting data from M-Files, using Process Intelligence Kit, enables you to use the data for process modeling and understanding how complex processes perform in reality.

Process Analysis

Extract time and performance metrics from M-Files workflows using Process Intelligence Kit. Use the data to analyze process performance by using external process mining solution and improve your processes.

M-Files audit log export with Process Intelligence Kit

Data Enrichment

Enrich event logs with additional data from M-Files properties. Easily add properties to logs in the Process Intelligence Kit configuration before exporting.

Data Filtering

Filter data for export. Choose which objects, accounts and properties are included in the export, for example, export only invoices above a certain amount, or in a specific year.

Audit log export

Export the logs from M-Files, analyze complex workflows, their performance and time between states. Find bottlenecks and use the logs in the process mining solution to improve them.  

data export from M-Files with Process Intelligence Kit

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Process Mining Platforms We Offer

ABBYY Timeline

Process intelligence platform that models your business process operations in order to analyze and identify bottlenecks, as well as to predict future outcomes.

Process Advisor

A process mining tool that identifies processes and displays maps to recognize performance issues and discover automation opportunities.

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