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Unitfly: Extension Kit for M-Files | Unitfly

Extension Kit for M-Files

A completely new set of M-Files capabilities

Some of companies trusting our M-Files products

Save time

Avoid writing custom code for state actions, property definitions or event handlers. Simply configure what you need.

Get more

Offer your customers more features from the M-Files. Don't let technology limit you, use full power.

Improve quality

Extension Kit for M-Files is developed based on years of experience working with the M-Files. All our knowledge, experience and best practices are included here.

One product - many modules

Extended property operations

Extended property operations allows you to easily manipulate values and properties when trigger happen.

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Extended property calculations

Calculate object properties based on referenced properties and their values like parent-child relationship.

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Extended Email Notifications

Send advanced, custom notifications based on business rules inside M-Files.

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Extended document processing

Convert documents to PDF and restore documents from PDF, add/remove watermarks and signatures to your PDF files and manage document versions.

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Extended Assignments

Extended Assignments module allows creation of task completion objects that could be added to other, referenced objects in order to keep status of who and when marked assignment as completed

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Extended auto properties

Use properties manipulation like never before. Use our macro properties to extract specific parts of the date, format date as you would like to, compare two numbers/dates, or write custom conditions. Set values based on the result of property comparison.

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Extended object creation

Automatically create new objects in M-Files when your defined trigger happens. Define what will be created, what are the properties and under which conditions object(s) are created.

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Extended Validation

Achieve advanced validation of properties while creating or updating your M-Files objects. You could be able to validate property from original object together with some properties on referenced objects.

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Extended property builder

Get property value(s) from database. Set calculated value from SQL query or stored procedure call result.

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Extended object templates

Clone all referenced objects that have reference to your template object. E.g. create new project from template and automatically clone referenced phases and tasks.

Who Uses Extension Kit for M-Files?


...because they can offer more to their customers


...because they can avoid repetive tasks and focus on a new features and solutions


...because they want to use the best of the M-Files

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