REST Object Type Connector for M-Files

Connect external systems with M-Files and ensure data accuracy 

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Easily connect external systems with M-Files using REST

Import objects from an external REST web service into M-Files as external objects.

Easily sync data

Seamless connection

Seamless syncronization of multiple systems

REST Object Type Connector for M-Files supports both simple scenarios where objects should only be viewable within the M-Files client, but also more complex ones where objects created, changed, or deleted in the M-Files client should be pushed back to the originating web service.
Objects can be fetched from an external service to another system. For example, customer, employee and partner data from an external system can be synced to M-Files.
Objects changed or deleted in M-Files can be pushed back to the external service to be updated or deleted. Any change in one system will be updated in the other system. The data always remains the same.

Use case

Sync Users via REST Connector

REST Connector allows users to synchronize external data in M-Files via REST API. For example Users, Products, Cost Centers. This connector is most useful for doing integration between two systems, just to make sure that both systems has the same data and to avoid inconsistency of data.

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Property Mapping

Object properties from an external service can be intelligently mapped to M-Files properties.

Response transformation

Data transformation expressions can be applied to service response, when needed.
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Services that return data paginated by query string parameter can also be used with REST Object Type Connector for M-Files.
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Currently supported service authentication methods are token based authentication and password based authentication.

REST Object Type Connector for M-Files

Connect M-Files with external systems seamlessly

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