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M-Files PowerApps Connector

Build business apps using data from M-Files

Easily build the business apps. Use data from M-Files together with other data sources and change the way how you work

Multiple Data Sources

PowerApps allows you to use data from more than 200 connectors. SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Salesforce, Custom APIs and more... and now - M-Files

Low Code No Code

Empower everyone to build apps. Using designer you can easily drag and drop building blocks of your application without writing single line of code or just few of them.

Highly Tailored Applications

You can customize and adopt every detail of your application and design it as you would like to. Create Business Applications that are aligned with your company's branding and needs.

Some of most popular PowerApps connectors


Just a few benefits you may have by using PowerApps and M-Files

Gather your data from multiple platforms

Your files, documents, or objects could be a part of diverse processes and your data can easily be gathred at one place.

There is no need for manual checking in different solutions when you can have everything at one place.

Easily build different business apps for different scenarios

Combine your data as you want and creat business applications that are tailored for your needs.

You don't have to learn programming languages to build custom mobile applications

PowerApps allows you to build business applications without programming languages. If you want to have project management application that uses data from M-Files together with data from Dynamics365 (or any other system) you don't have to write code.

Use Cases

Integrate M-Files with any other SaaS

Challenge: I would like to have my M-Files data joined with data from other sources
Solution: By using PowerApps you can easily connect multiple data sources inside one application. Simple add connections to the services you are using and display data as you wish.
Benefits: You don’t have to write code. You can choose which data you would liket to use and how you would like to display it.

Sophisticated Business Apps with M-Files Data

Challenge: I would like to create my own organizational business apps with data from M-Files
Solution: Using M-Files PowerApps Connector you can add M-Files as a data source within PowerApps and completely create your custom application by dragging and dropping application elements.
Benefits: Add elements, actions, screens and customized them with low code or no code required. Display M-Files data as you wish.

Communicate with different solutions from one point

Challenge: I would like to have one business app which will allow me to change state in M-Files and record that in my ERP with single button click.
Solution: If you want to approve invoice that is stored in M-Files as well as to record that action in your ERP you can do that from one single application screen. Enrich your company data by combining different sources into single Business Application.
Benefits: Multiple applications communicating with each other from one point. Complete customization and synchronization possibilities.

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