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M-Files Azure Data Factory Connector

Cloud integration solution for M-Files

Integrate M-Files with any other system

M-Files + Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Save, classify and archive your files or objects by using M-Files. Take your most important business processes to the next level.

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is, by definition, an integration tool in a Cloud. To be more specific, ADF is data movement and data transformation tool. Azure Date Factory can also be used as a hybrid data integration tool - connecting to On-Premise sources and to the sources in a Cloud.

Data Factory Features

Use the best of cloud integrations to extend your business processes

Connect and collect

Azure Data Factory enables rich set of different connectors (more than 65)

That enables connections to various types of data sources, on-premise, in the cloud, structured, unstructured, semi structured, in different time intervals.

Transform and enrich

Processing and preparing data for destination.

Data can be transformed using computed services in Azure like HDInsight Hadoop, Spark, Data Lake Analytics, Machine Learning, or a custom service.


Transferring processed and business-ready data in a consumable form into a database, service or some analytic engine.

There is no need for manual synchronization and tons of E-mails, simply change it in one place and your job is done.


Just a few benefits you may have

Synchronize your documents and metadata on multi-platforms

Your files, documents, or objects could be a part of diverse processes and your data can easily be synchronized between those platforms or services.

Enterprise grade integration in cloud

Instant search by keyword and advisability of documents, objects or overall business process.


M-Files can be a helping system or the center of your business process. You can integrate all the changes and save them to M-Files or synchronize all the changes from M-Files to any other platform or service.

Use Cases


The most easiest way to use Azure Data Factory is to backup your data from M-Files to a blob containers. Blobs are almost free and are very good way of storing data.

Agile programing

Once you’ve understood the business needs of your client, very quickly you can produce, in the start up term, an MVP (minimum viable product)- in this case solution. After a while you need to change something or add. Usually it’s simple to do that, but sometimes it requires changing properties or remapping properties to an object.

With ADF & M-FIles you can easily get data from properties or an object and then transform or just remap to another property or an object.

Analytics and Reporting

M-Files is an ECM, and the word “Content” in it describes a lot of information. Today, there a lot of tools for reporting and data analytics.

With ADF & M-Files you can easily pull you information in JSON format and send to any analytics platform, like Data Lake, or use Machine Learning, or even ComosDB or Mongo DB. Make use of your data for clever business.


With more than 60 connectors for Azure Data Factory, an integration or synchronization with any system is simple and for a very small price..

Reliable, Scalable solution is a very good opportunity for everyone who needs to integrate or synchronize systems with M-FIles.

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