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Unitfly: Our Story | Unitfly

Our Story

This is our story. We don't know if it is totally unique or the best, but it is ours. And we work the best we know to make it the best!

Start with WHY

Back in 2017 we started Unitfly with only one thought - to create a company for the people with the people. Our goal is to create an environment that supports everyone's development. Environment that is motivating, fun and relaxed. Environment that will attract, develop and improve people looking to be great personally and professionally.

Our purpose is explained with four pillars and four WHYs that affect our employees and our customers:

People - to be the best employer

Why it is important for employees: we are working on creation of environment that is relaxed, fun and motivating so our employees could enjoy every minute they spend working.

Why it is important for customers: customers get motivated and engaged professionals ready to help.

Business - to make real change to our customers and to solve real business problems

Why it is important for employees: employees' work is meaningful and challenging.

Why it is important for customers: customers get services and products that are focused on solving business problems.

Technology - to use and create the best technology can offer

Why it is important for employees: we set high standards of work and we are focused on continuous improvements and learning.

Why it is important for customers: customers get enterprise-quality software solutions.

Innovation - to create a culture of innovation that produce new services, products and ventures

Why it is important for employees: we emphasize innovation and work on processes that could produce new service, products and ventures.

Why it is important for customers: customers get new ideas and tools that could improve their business.


To become the global, people-centric leader in leveraging customers’ full business potential using technology we are passionate about.


We help our customers improve business as a long-term trusted advisors, who analyze and understand business, deliver the highest quality software solutions, provide superior customer service and continuously ideate and innovate.

How We Work

What can you expect from us

Listen and understand first

Understanding your business needs and understanding how people work is a prerequisite for every solution. If we don’t understand your business we cannot propose the right solution.

Enterprise-grade solutions

It doesn’t matter if you are a small company or a large corporation, our approach is always the same. Solutions we deliver are built so they can be easily maintained, extended and integrated with the existing environment. We always improve our quality.

Business results

We believe that almost everyone can deliver a project on budget and time, but what is really important is to understand business challenges and to deliver business results.


From us, you will always get the best technology can offer. Moreover, our approach is to always look for some new and innovative business and technology ideas that can provide great benefits to our clients.


As it is important for us to provide an amazing experience to clients working with us, it is equally important to deliver solutions created with the end user in mind. We are aware of the importance of good user experience and user interface.

Communication and relationship

We are always treating our customers with respect and that’s the way how we communicate with them. From the first moment, we are professional, precise and respectful. We behave like we are your team members with whom it is easy and pleasant to work with.

Legal details

  • Unitfly d.o.o.
  • Registered at the Commercial Court in Osijek, Croatia
  • MBS: 030188060, OIB: 88231404130
  • VAT ID: HR88231404130
  • Share Capital: 20.000,00 HRK, paid in full
  • Bank: Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d., Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb, Croatia
  • IBAN: HR5123400091110865718, BIC(SWIFT): PBZGHR2X
  • Board Member and Director: Ivan Marković

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