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Migrate and Synchronize your data with M-Files

Save time and money and make a smooth transition to M-Files.

M-Files Migration Service

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Migrate to M-Files

With M-Files Migration Services we can migrate your documents and data from any platform to M-Files instantly. If you have legacy or old systems we will find a way to gather all the information and migrate data to M-Files.

Transfer data from M-Files

M-Files Migration Services can be used to migrate documents and metadata from M-Files to any other system. We can transfer documents together with metadata from M-Files.

Sync changes with M-Files

M-Files sync service is an Azure based service and we can sync data periodically from M-Files to any other system or from any other system to M-Files.

Tools and Technologies we use

Based on years of experience in integration platforms, we have focused and directed our services towards two platforms, BizTalk Server and Azure Data Factory.

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BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server is a well-know integration system and is celebrated for its feature-rich functionality, reliability, scalability and robust integration platform. BizTalk Server is mainly an enterprise solution because of its high initial costs (infrastructure and licences). However, once the environment is set up and running it can reduce the integration process from months to days, plus you get a great monitoring and tracking support. Every type of integration can be handled outside the box. It is a complete integration solution without limits. BizTalk does not have a SaaS model, it is a standalone server, but it can be used in a hybrid integration with Logic Apps or Other Azure services.

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is a new integration tool. It uses Microsoft Azure Platform. It is scalable, cheap and very easy to use customized solution. As pay per use system, it is suitable for an agile integration processes and for every day integration. Data factory is a complete SaaS model and it can connect to almost every Azure service.

Regional M-Files Partner

Our Approach

This is how we are approaching you and M-Files implementation in your organization


We want to listen to you. If we don’t understand your business, we cannot propose complete solution. We don’t want to assume.

Display solution in context that matters to you

When we present M-Files, we present solution tailored for your needs instead general technology presentation.

Pilot implementation

We like to give our customers chance to try the system by having low implementation costs and risks.

Active collaboration and proposals

We want to actively collaborate with you, proposing solutions and giving ideas based on our experience.

Implementation and integration with your other systems

We will integrate M-Files with your existing solutions so you can save your time and have the best customer experience.

Education for you and your employees

Our goal is that your employees use everything that solution can offer. We will educate your employees and administrators.

Support and monitoring

We want to be your long-term partner that will monitor the system and propose future upgrades.

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