Information Management

The right content at the right time

Connect your data in one system. No more “information silos”.

You can manage your HR, Backoffice, Sales, Marketing, Finance or any other department within M-Files, completely integrated with your other business applications.

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A Smarter Way to Work

Workflow Efficiency

Take control of your processes and automate manual tasks. Give assignments to colleagues, review and approve content, and sign documents digitally.

Productive Collaboration

Share and collaborate on content securely and in real time without duplicate versions.



M-Files ensures transparent processes for everyone in the company to have aligned understanding and goals of the business.

Easy Integration

Connect your business and have all your information from different systems in one view. M-Files integrates with most common business applications and repositories.


Easy Access to Documents​

Use metadata to describe your content. M-Files automates tags to make it even easier. If you know what the information is, it will be easy to access with search.

Fully configurable

We listen to your business goals and objectives, and adapt the M-Files to your specific needs. Get a tailor-made solution.

Automate Your Processes

Automating routine tasks and compliance lets you focus on the work that matters.

Advanced reporting

M-Files enables you to discover insights about your data and manage it accordingly. Make better, data-based decision.

Reach Your Full Business Potential

Schedule a free consultation with our solution architect. Based on our initial conversation we’ll be able to propose next steps and potential solutions.

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