Document Management

Put your content in context

Discover a unique and revolutionary approach for document management focusing on what instead of where something is stored. Access your company’s documents from anywhere and any device.

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Connect Your Data and Let it Work for You

Find Documents with One Click

Documents are labeled by the content (date, customer, project), not sorted in folders. Find content by what it is, not where it is stored.

Collaborate & Share

Share the link to a single copy of a document in M-Files, edit and automatically track all the changes.


Workflow Automation​

Automate manual tasks and get documents reviewed and approved in M-Files. The metadata of the document guides the processes from draft to approved.


Your data is encrypted, and with permissions you can control the access to documents according to the role, project, document type and more.


Connected Content

Even if sourced from different systems, M-Files connects all your documents, emails and projects in one repository. 

Get the Full Picture

The content is interlinked to provide a full context on the topic you are interested in. Find everything you need with one search.

Always the Latest Version

M-Files stores the latest version of each document, and the history of changes is stored automatically. Always work with the latest version.

Automate Your Processes

Always make sure your content goes through the right workflows, to the right people with the right permission.

Reach Your Full Business Potential

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