Business Process Management

Work the data to your advantage

Stop wasting time on routine work. Automate your processes.

Automate contract approvals, invoice processing, employee on-boarding process and other use cases that require the review, edit, and/or approval by several entities.​

process automation

Analyze Your Data & Leverage Your Business​

Get Reminders & Notifications​

Automate notifications based on specific events. Get a notification when a document is edited or modified.

Assign & Track​

You can assign tasks to employees and track the status and state of all assignments.

Authorize Roles​

Make sure that important documents are reviewed and approved by the appropriate individual. The right document always goes to the right person.

Get Visibility​

Monitor how many processes get stuck and have full visibility of your projects. Increase the capacity to deliver.



Manage Your Processes​

Start with the manual tasks that can be automated to save time and increase productivity. We will help you during the whole process.​

Get Things Done​

You can automate notifications based on specific events. The people whose input is needed are notified.

Identify Bottlenecks​

Visualize your workflows performance, analyze bottlenecks and improve them.

Intuitive to Use​

Easy process design. Build and edit rules and flows with just a few clicks.

Reach Your Full Business Potential

Schedule a free consultation with our solution architect. Based on our initial conversation we’ll be able to propose next steps and potential solutions.

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