M-Files Solution Catalog

Do more with M-Files

Enhance M-Files experience with our M-Files products.

Enhance your M-Files experience with extended functionalities

Save time

Using our low code/no code products you can save time you would usually spend custom coding. 

Improve quality of implementations

Out-of-the-box solutions ensure your M-Files implementations are error-free.

Configure easily using M-Files Admin tool

Configure new features simply using the familiar M-Files Admin tool

M-Files Integration Products

Extension Kit for M-Files

M-Files Addons

A set of powerful functionalities that unlock the full potential of M-Files, without custom coding. 

Cloud Integration Connector for M-Files

Office 365

Integrate external systems with M-Files using different Microsoft Integration Services within Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
M-Files Email Processor icon

M-Files Email Processor

Standalone Windows App

Rich set of integration options to organize, automate and classify your e-mail. Save valuable time for the work that matters.

Administrative tools

Free Tool

M-Files Alias Generator

Tool for alias generation
Enables batch set or update of vault structure items’ aliases. Aliases are generated from structure item names that are optionally transformed (eg. changed casing, remove non-alphanumeric characters etc).

Free Tool

M-Files SQL Generator

Tool for SQL generation

Enables generation of SQL queries (CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE) for M-Files classes. These queries can be used in M-Files to setup object connection to external database.
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