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M-Files integrations like never before...

We are introducing you three M-Files connectors

Custom M-Files Mobile Applications with Power Apps

Easily build business apps with Microsoft PowerApps. PowerApps enables a broad range of app scenarios to be created. Use data from M- Files together with other data sources and change the way how you work.

Sophisticated Business Apps with M-Files Data

You can customize and adopt every detail of your application and design it as you would like to. Create Business Applications that are aligned with your company's branding and needs.

Create custom mobile apps with Low Code/No Code

Empower everyone to build apps. Using designer you can easily drag and drop building blocks of your application without writing single line of code or just few of them.You don't have to learn programming languages to build custom mobile applications

Gather your data from multiple platforms

PowerApps allows you to use data from more than 200 connectors. SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Salesforce, Custom APIs and more... and now - M-Files

Enterprise grade integration in cloud with Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps M-Files Connector allows developers to integrate M-Files with other applications and services without worrying about underlying infrastructure and scalability. By focusing only on business logic developers can achieve enterprise- grade orchestration in the cloud.

Connect M-Files with more than 200 different systems without additional coding

You can connect M-Files with other apps, data, and devices anywhere—on-premises or in the cloud—with Microsofts's large ecosystem of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based connectors that includes Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services, and more.


You pay only for what you use based on consumption pricing model. Microsoft is charging Logic Apps service based on real usage so do we. You will pay only what you use and nothing more.

Synchronize your documents and metadata on multi-platforms

Your files, documents, or objects could be a part of diverse processes and your data can easily be synchronized between those platforms or services.

Custom Office 365 integrations for your users with Microsoft Flow

With M-Files Microsoft Flow Connector users are able to connect M-Files with other services like Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, Twitter and many more using their Office 365 and Microsoft Flow

Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows with conditions

Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. For example, with a few clicks capture tweets and add them as leads in M-Files, subscribers in Mailchimp, and more... Make decisions in your workflow, like running an action only when certain conditions are met.

Using designer to create integration with any other system

Your users are able to create workflows and integrations wihtout writing any code.

Using on-premises data too

Flow lets you securely connect to on-premises data and cloud based services, so you can make the most of the data you already have. And now, connect M-Files too.


Here are details about the solutions that use our connectors

Complete solution consists of...

Microsoft service

Depending on concrete Microsoft Service

Unitfly API Key

14 € per month

Action executions

0,000844 € per action execution

Support (optional)

Few different support packages


For us it is all about customers and their satisfaction.

"Was very cool to do the project with you, great work!"

Christopher Schaffert, Fido

"Our cooperation was focused on business transformation using M-Files and full professional support in using Microsoft Azure solutions. Everything is done fast and professionally with great value for money!"

Mislav Sagovac, Contentio


What M-Files partners often ask us

Do we have to build solutions on our own or you can support us?

Both approaches work for us. If you would like to have us to build solution or you would like to build solution on your own, everything is fine.

Do you offer any kind of support?

Absolutely! Depending on your solution and your needs we have a few ways how we can support you.

Do we have to have Microsoft subcriptions?

We are Microsoft partners and resellers. If you don't have Microsoft subscription for their services or you would like to get complete solution without bothering with additional Microsoft purchases we will prepare everything for you.

Could we somehow partner with you?

Absolutely! We are more than interested in working with other M-Files Partners. Our goal is to connect with many M-Files Partners that will use our solutions for their customers. And we will reward you in that case.

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