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Integration Solutions

Bring harmony to your business

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Connect the dots around your business.

Disruptive technologies and innovation, markets that are in constant flux and rapidly changing environment regularly demand new technologies, platforms and systems. In this technological chaos, we ensure that all your systems work smoothly and efficiently in connection to one another.

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Automate Your Processes

With Integration services you can automate manually operated tasks. Processes can be scheduled on a specific time, date or action.

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Collect the Data for Evaluation and Reporting

Gather data from different data sources and have a central repository for easier managing and decision making. Data can be gathered in real time and presented with tools like Power BI.

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Connect All Your Platforms and Services

Make your system consistent. Connect all your individual systems into one. Integration can provide a central point of communication for all your services.


Synchronize Your Data

Synchronize distributed systems across the network. Data can be synchronized across numerous devices and systems instantly.

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Technologies we use

BizTalk Server

A complete integration solution without limits. Mainly an enterprise solution that can reduce the integration process from months to days.

BizTalk is a standalone server. It doesn’t have a SaaS model, but can be used in a hybrid integration with Logic Apps or other Azure services.

• feature-rich
• reliable
• scalable
• great monitoring & tracking support
• out of the box solution

Azure Data Factory

Integration tool that uses Microsoft Azure Platform suitable for agile integration processes and every day integration.
Data factory is a complete SaaS model and it can connect to almost every Azure service.

• scalable
• cheap
• easy to use customized solution

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