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Disruptive technologies and innovation, markets in constant flux and rapidly changing environment regularly demand new technologies - Moore’s law still holds water. In this “technology chaos” there are various platforms, technologies, systems, software and some of them are becoming legacy as we speak. With the Integration Services, we ensure that all your systems work smoothly and efficiently as before while communicating with the new system or with the outdated one.

Features or better, what does “it” do and how does it do it

Creates communication

Communication channels between applications and services are easily established. Service or application can communicate in all directions with any other application and service.

Connects your data

Gather data from different data sources to have a central repository.

Moves your data and files

Files and data can be moved from one system to another instance once they are created or when a transfer is scheduled.

Provide you with services and information

Integration can provide a central point of communication for all your services.


Automate your processes

With Integration services you can automate manually operated tasks. Processes can be scheduled on a specific time, date or action.

Collect the data for evaluation and reporting

Gather data for reporting and business decisions. Data can be gathered in real time and presented in real time with tools like Power BI.

Connect all your platforms and services

Connect all your individual systems into one. Make your system consistent.

Synchronize your data

Synchronize distributed systems across the network. Data can be synchronized across numerous devices and systems instantly.

Use Cases

Timesheet Applications

A company has a Time Sheet application where they record hours spent on projects, meetings or whatever they spend their time on. When they want to take a vacation or a day off they need to go to their Absence application and make a request. When the request is accepted they need to fill out the Time sheet and insert their vacation or a day off.

With Integration services, there is no need for multiple unnecessary actions. When the user gets a vacation or a day off accepted, Integration engine updates Timesheet with all the necessary details.

Smart city

Connecting to traffic reports, IOT services, parking, whatever services and based on your location you receive information that is specific for the part of the town, you get all the info you need like restaurants, free parking places nearby, bars, shops, weather, open thermal baths at this or that hour, you name it.

Supply system

Supplier internal system, buyer internal system - exchanging purchases completely without human interaction - automated process.

Tools and technologies used

Based on years of experience in integration platforms, we have focused and directed our services towards two platforms, BizTalk Server and Azure Data Factory.

BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server is a well-known integration system and is celebrated for its feature-rich functionality, reliability, scalability and robust integration platform. BizTalk Server is mainly an enterprise solution because of its high initial costs (infrastructure and licences). However, once the environment is set up and running, it can reduce the integration process from months to days, plus you get a great monitoring and tracking support. Every type of integration can be handled outside the box. It is a complete integration solution without limits.

BizTalk does not have a SaaS model, it is a standalone server, but it can be used in a hybrid integration with Logic Apps or Other Azure services.

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is a new integration tool. It uses Microsoft Azure Platform. It is scalable, cheap and very easy to use customized solution. As pay per use system, it is suitable for agile integration processes and for every day integration.

Data factory is a complete SaaS model and it can connect to almost every Azure service.

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