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Developing innovative solutions with our knowledge and creativity.

Business and Technology Innovations

We believe that the only right path to sustainable, long-term economic growth is to be innovative and agile.

Even though we are using verified and reliable products and platforms to enhance customer’s business, we are ALWAYS looking for a new approaches. Finding the best what technology can offer. Moreover, our approach is to constantly look for some new and innovative business ideas which can provide great benefits to our clients.

Innovation is one of our core values we believe in. We are looking forward to new and interesting approaches that have real business value. This page is a showcase of things we are doing, piloting, learning and applying,

Innovation is the key factor of working smarter not harder.

Technology Innovations

Here you can see some of latest technology trends and how we are applying the best what technology can offer

On that way customers and partners can be sure that we will offer the best from technology point of view but also suitable and adjusted for customer needs.

This website is hosted in containers

What are you going to do when your software needs to change from one environment to another? What if supporting environment is not identical? Containers are solution. Containers consist of everything needed to run inside any environment inside one package.

This website is hosted in containers. Even more interesting, we are using IIS Web Server for website and Apache Web Server for our blog.

We are using Azure Data Factory V2 for data integrations

Even though we developed product that use Microsoft BizTalk as a integration tool in order to achieve migrations and integration with M-Files, we are offering and developing more. You don't have BizTalk? That is fine, we can use newest Azure Data Factory V2.

With us, you can have robust enterprise integration solution and trendy agile, scalable integration solution in the Cloud - everything depends on a type of a project and customer needs.

Azure Cosmos DB Training and Piloting

The largest innovation in Data Sphere from Microsoft is Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database.

We are already delivering training for Microsoft partners in field of Azure Cosmos DB and working on some Pilots for Azure Cosmos DB.

Business Innovations

We are IT company but we are looking at technology just as a tool which needs to improve business and everyday life

Having that in mind we are always looking on ways how we can help clients or empower partners in order to achieve more.

Gamification in Business Context

Gamification in Business Context Motivated people can do extortioner things. Motivation is a key element of every good digital transformation. We are using gamification in designing business solutions for our partners.

One of our co-founders wrote great article where he mapped human motivation with gamification - Gamification in the eyes of motivation.

Validated Learning for Customers and Partners

Validated learning is a process of demonstrating empirically that a team has discovered valuable product that needs to be build. Or that customer actually need solution and that solution is going to be accepted and used.

Phase by phase, step by step in order to achieve more! We are very aware of change management and necessary approaches for companies that want to digitally transform their business!

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