How to do math operations with properties in M-Files

Extension Kit allows users to do math operations between two or more properties in M-Files. It is useful for math operations such as generating prices, discounts, summing operating costs, etc.

Our example contains Item which has Price per unit. Item Apple per 1 KG cost 2.5 EUR.

To successfully generate the invoice, we used the math operation in the Extension Kit Extended Auto Properties module.

We chose apples as an Item and added 10 as Quantity. Price is automatically calculated by multiplication of Price per Unit and Quantity which we added in Invoice.

sum properties in M-Files

How to configure math operations with properties with Extended Auto Properties

configuring math operations with properties in M-Files

Besides multiplications, Extended Auto Properties module provides these math operations: sum, subtract, divide, calculate average of numbers, display minimum or maximum of numbers. You can also define default value of property.


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