SQL Integration


Power integration of M-Files with MS SQL database.

SQL integration module is used for power integration of M-Files with MS SQL database.

Execute/Call stored procedure with parameters based on Event or Schedule

Read data from database based on event or schedule

use case

When contract is active, send data to database

Customer in air conditioning industry has different systems which all depend on active contract with customer/partner. When contract becomes active, all necessary data are sent to database, so that other systems can use and reference that data: ERPs, ticketing systems, support systems, etc.

use case

When invoice is approved, send data for processing to database

Customer is using M-Files for incoming invoices. In a relevant software, invoice gets processed and OCRed, and then sent for approval to relevant persons. When invoice is approved, data is sent for processing to ERP systems.

use case

When travel order is being created, execute needed calculations

Customers are using M-Files for creating travel orders. When travel order is created, certain calculations were done based on data from database. Calculations were done by executing store procedure which connect information from different systems. When travel order is moved forward and is being processed, final calculations are made and then all data has been processed to ERP.


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Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes you can edit every single element.

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