Advanced Reports with M-Files Data

Powerful data export and reporting features based on information stored in M-Files.

Advanced reporting in M-Files

Reporting capabilities of Extension Kit allows you to create custom data sets from information stored in M-Files. Choose the format in which you would like to export the data, as well as how (and where) this report will be stored in the end.

Benefits of Reporting

Doesn't require database

Multiple file formats

Multiple export destinations

Specify when and how reports are created

Configure M-Files in different ways – specifying when certain reports will be generated and delivered, for example, when object is moved into state, when property has been changed or when user wants to ad-hoc create a report directly from M-Files.

Multiple destinations for your reports

Multiple destinations for your reports

Whether report is automatically created, or the end user creates it manually, you can specify where you would like to store your report. Report can be stored directly into the vault, it can be sent via email or you can define the server destination where the generated report will be saved.

Multiple destinations for your reports

Advanced M-Files data filters

Specify filters in the same way users can do search filters using M-Files.
Define object types and classes you want to include in the report and filter the information based on ANY property you have in the M-Files.

Advanced filters for reports in M-Files
Export to HTML, Word, Excel or CSV

Word, Excel, CSV or HTML

Different users need to consume reports in different ways. With Extension Kit you can choose among Word, Excel, CSV and HTML file formats for your reports. For each file format specify advanced settings like position in the document, headers, delimiters, style and many more.

Advanced reporting in M-Files

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