Property Operations

Expand capabilities of M-Files metadata

Do more with your M-Files object properties. Calculate, copy, or transform when event in M-Files happens. No code.

Calculating properties in M-Files with Extension Kit

Control how properties change based on events in M-Files.

Easily manipulate property value without writing a line of code. Automatically populate your properties either with internal or SQL database data.

No need for event handler VB scripts

Automate calculation of your data

Sync your properties with data from database

Property Operations

Easily manipulate property values when trigger happens.

Copy property from one property to another if object has changed, created or entered the specific state. Set properties on one object dynamically or statically based on event on another object.

Property Calculations

Calculate object properties based on referenced properties and their values in parent-child relation. Use property values from referenced objects and manipulate them with property on root object.

Auto Properties

Autofill your properties from various macro functions.

Date – autofill and format date values. You can do simple calculations with them like day difference between two dates.

Lookup – allows you to easily manipulate values of M-Files lookups.

Math – allows you to do basic math operations, minimum, maximum, sums and averages on collection of values.

Condition – implement ternary operator used to conditional access in if-then fashion.

Text – allows you to manipulate text based data. Some of examples are upper, lower. concatenate and substring functions.

Regex – allows you to extract value using valid regular expression pattern.

Translate – allows you to translate text with connection to translation service.

Auto Numbering Properties

Use simple or advanced ways of numbering objects and documents by custom values or grouping. Label your document versions using major-minor or custom schema.

Property Builder

Set your properties from result of SQL query or SQL stored procedure. Automatically fill metadata of your objects with data from your SQL database.

What Our Customers Say about Extension Kit for M-Files

Iron Mountain logo

Dominik Wcibisz

Regional Implementations Lead, Iron Mountain Polska

My team members are now able to create operations/functions that under normal circumstances would have been made by programmers, thereby we’re able to make configurations way faster and cheaper.
Deltalink Consulting logo

Harrie Terblanche

COO, Deltalink Consulting

We extensively use Extension Kit to enrich the process capabilities of our M-Files customers, which has taken our solutions provided to our customers to a whole new level of complexity and functionality.
Oxford Technologies logo

Srikanth Matam

General Manager, Oxford Technologies Australia

With Extension Kit, we have been able to take our M-Files usage to a new level in house without having to understand event handlers, coding. I could not imagine our M-Files implementation being as effective without Extension Kit.

Extension Kit for M-Files

Save time on implementation AND get more for your clients

Extension Kit gives you the leverage as an M-Files partner and helps you deliver a better solution faster, with better customer satisfaction.