Enterprise integration capabilities to boost M-Files experience

Expand connection between multiple systems in your organization and leverage the full potential of your business without coding.

Connect M-Files with other systems with powerful integrations

Connect with multiple systems using a simple set of rules. Choose what suits your business needs best – connect values from Excel sheets with M-Files Object properties; make HTTP calls to the third party services based on trigger in the M-Files or based on predefined schedule; or simply connect with MS SQL database.

Benefits of Integrations

No need for API coding to connect

Read from the database, execute/call procedures based on event or schedule

Map values from Excel sheet to M-Files Object properties based on business rules

SQL Integration

Integrate M-Files with MS SQL database. Execute, read and call a procedure with parameters based on Event or Schedule. For example, when an object changes the state, SQL integration module automatically sends data to the database which is then ready to be used in other systems.

Integrate M-Files with MS SQL database
Connect with external systems via API

HTTP Integration

Connect to other systems via API without coding. Make any HTTP request with customizable request headers and body. For dynamic HTTP calls, use triggers such as

  • object created,
  • object changed,
  • left state,
  • entered state, etc.

Choose one of supported formats: .json, .xml, raw.
Integrate with Office 365 effortlessly – for example, sync events created in M-Files with your calendar. The possibilities are endless.

Connect with external systems via API

Excel Integration

Use the full potential of your data from Excel. Specify the rules to connect and present the data according to your needs. Map values from any row and cell to M-Files object properties and give your data business context.

Map values from Excel sheets with M-Files object properties

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