Extended Validation

Achieve advanced validation of properties while creating or updating your M-Files objects. Validate property from the original object together with some properties on the referenced objects.

Validate if the property exists on the referenced property, no matter how deep you need to go

Property that you are validating doesn’t have to by on the same object, or on the first level of relationship, it can be as deep as you need.

use case

A personal number is required for employment contract

Customer is using M-Files for HR. When they are creating employment agreement, they need employee’s personal number. Personal number can’t be a required field on a Person object as you don’t send that info before you actually hire that person. You need to validate that contract isn’t created without it.

use case

Player has to be an adult, over 18 to sign-in scholarship agreement

Customer is a football club with a large youth academy. If young players are not 18 or over when signing scholarship agreements, they need the signature of a parent or guardian. With advanced validation, if the player is under 18, M-Files will check if the guardian place of signature empty or not.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes you can edit every single element.

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