Extended Reporting


Create reports based on triggers in M-Files or predefined schedule. Make any M-Files Search request and define data you want to have in the report.

Create any kind of report based on any kind of trigger in the M-Files

Create reports based on triggers in the M-Files (object created, changed, left state, entered state, deleted, etc.) or based on predefined schedule. Supported export formats are Word, Excel, CSV and HTML while supported Export locations are Vault, Disk and E-mail.

use case

Send weekly e-mail about approved incoming invoices

Company owner wants to receive weekly update in Excel format about approved invoices in the M-Files. By using Extended Reporting module you are able to define schedule and dataset that you would like to have dynamically populated every week into Excel. Excel is then sent to the Owner.

use case

Create Word reports about project status

Within the M-Files you are able to define Word template that has full structure for the Project Statuses Report. Within the structure you can specify two tags that will serve as placeholders for the M-Files Data (e.g. {PROJECTS HIGH VALUE}, {PROJECTS LOW VALUE}). In the Extended Reporting Module you are able to define that you want to replace {PROJECTS HIGH VALUE} with the information about active projects (Name, Project Member, Spent money, Spent Hours) in form of paragraphs (one per project). Also, you want to have simple report in table format about active projects and project managers for the projects that have lower value (e.g. less than 10.000 EUR) and this report should be placed within the Word template on the place of placeholder {PROJECTS LOW VALUE}.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes you can edit every single element.

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