Extended Property Operations

Easily manipulate values and properties when a trigger happen.

Copy property from one object to another based on triggers

You can copy property from one property to another if object has changed, created or entered the specific state.

Set specific value based on triggers

You can set properties on one object dynamically or statically based on event on another object.

Change all properties based on rule only once

You can run specific changes of all history values only once based on specific rule.

use case

Copy extended contract date to a customer deal

Customer in the food industry is using M-Files to track all franchise agreements with all of their partners/franchises which are companies. They have an open deal with every partner, which has a start and end date. Every year they sign a new contract and the partner’s deal (license) is extended.

use case

Set opportunity to Won when Proposal is accepted

With Extended property operations you can also manipulate other object workflows. If you are using M-Files as a CRM, you can change object Opportunity state to Won when document Offer is Accepted.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes you can edit every single element.

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