Extended Email Notifications

Send custom notifications based on business rules inside M-Files

Send notification when property has changed.

When property has changed, you can notify responsible person about change.

Send notification when someone has commented object.

Usually comments get unnoticed, but you can send a notification about the comment to all the people who have worked on that document.

Send notification when custom rule is matched.

Write any custom rule and get notified once this rule is satisfied in the M-Files.

use case

Send notification that object contract is expired

Customer is using M-Files for controlling deals with partners about business licenses, renewals, etc. When contract is near expiration, they are notified three months before, so that can start working on a new condition for next year lease.

use case

Send notification when training schedule has been changed

Customer is using M-Files for a training management. When training schedule is changed, all other participants are notified about that change.

use case

Send notification when customer is having a birthday

Customer is using M-Files as a CRM. They KAMs are notified when their customer is having a birthday.


Most frequent questions and answers

One of the available triggers inside the Extension Kit is “On comment”. You can specify recipients and the content of the emails that need to be sent on comment.

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