Extended document processing

Convert documents to PDF and restore documents from PDF, add/remove watermarks and signatures to your PDF files and manage document versions.

Add watermark in a specific state

You can easily add watermark when document enters specific state.

Add signature on document

Create a signature when document is approved by an employee.

Create new version and “freeze” the old version as PDF

Create a new version of a document and have frozen previous version in PDF with all signers.

use case

Create “DRAFT” watermark when you are creating contract

Customer is a law firm and when contract is created from word template, it’s automatically converted to .PDF and “DRAFT” watermark is created an all pages. When contract is approved, then “DRAFT” watermark is removed and they can send contract to a party.

use case

Add signature when contract is approved by director

The director is approving all franchise contracts. When director approves contract, his signature is automatically added to a document.

use case

Add a company stamp when document is sent to external network

When a salesman sends a proposal, it has to be approved by business control. When business control approves, all proposals get a company stamps on all pages of document. That’s how they keep their proposals “clean”.


Most frequent questions and answers

By using Extended Document Processing you can replace custom placeholder (e.g. {WATERMARK_GOES_HERE}) with a watermark.

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