Extended Auto Properties

Extract specific parts of the date, format date as you wish, compare two numbers/dates, or write custom conditions. Set values based on the result of property comparison.

Use simple concatenation with extended value.

Macro properties are a part of simple concatenation. Customer can just add command and manipulate with all properties.

Work with dates

Simply extract Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute or Second from your dates or get current date in your property definition.

Format multi-select lookups

You can store multi-select lookups in one text field but separated with new lines instead of :

use case

Multiply your cost with discount

If you are using M-Files for financial or as CRM for creating proposals, you can multiply value with discount.

use case

Specify how many days are left on a deal / contract

Customer is having a renewing franchise deal every year. Customer can specify when specific deal will expire, in how many days.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it is possible to add as many nested expression as needed.

By using Extended Auto Properties you can multiply or do any math operations with properties.

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