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On some rules and modules, configuration mode can be set to either Simple or Advanced. When Advanced configuration mode is selected, you get to see and set some additional, advanced settings for rule or module. Once you configure these settings, they are applied and used even if you switch back to Simple configuration mode. Advanced settings are not reset to their default values when hidden. Instead, you should reset them manually.
RunOnce rules are executed on demand, when you click on Execute RunOnce rules in application dashboard. When multiple RunOnce rules are active, all of them will be executed at once.
  1. Make sure to enable the module.
  2. Make sure to enable rule.
  3. Check Logs (You can find the logs path defined in the Extension Kit configuration under Logging -> Loggin destinations -> File)

By using Extended Document Processing you are able to replace custom placeholder (e.g. {WATERMARK_GOES_HERE}) with watermark

Yes, HTTP Integration modules is able to store the values from JSON response. You can use jpath to parse values and map it to the M-Files Properties
It is possible to add as many nested expression as needed.
By using Extended Auto Properties you can multiply or do any math operations with properties.

One of the available triggers inside the Extension Kit is “On comment”. You can specify recipients and content of the emails that need to be sent on comment.

We supported this case with Extended Object Templates. You can specify which objects (by class or object type) needs to be cloned whenever original object template is created. That way you are able to have the same project structure whenever the new project is created.
Yes, it is possible, and it will be triggered if both Parent or Children change.
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