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Powerful cloud solution for your business. Access all your data from anywhere anytime. Connect and collaborate.​

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Hybrid Solutions

  • Connect your own infrastructure with Cloud
  • Connect business applications across any infrastructure
  • Access your own data from Cloud

Fast and Scalable Solutions

With our architectural approach based on customer needs, possibilities of cloud computing and our experience in developing highly available systems, you get solution that guarantees speed and quality to your end-user.

  • Highly available web and mobile solutions
  • Cost optimization
  • Guaranteed speed and quality

Data Management Solutions

  • Gather data
  • Analyze your data
  • Big data storage and analytics
  • Real-time analytics

Core Infrastructure Solutions

  • Migrate existing virtual machines to Azure
  • Create new infrastructure solutions directly in Cloud
  • Connect your on-premises and Cloud virtual machines
  • Protect virtual machines workload

Security and Identity Solutions

  • Hybrid cloud identity and access management
  • Simplify access to any cloud or on-prem application
  • Protect sensitive applications and data
  • Enable self-service for your employees
  • Secure all your devices

Microsoft Azure & Unitfly

Architecture and development of your solutions. Consulting and education for your partners and employees.

Azure Services for Hybrid Cloud Solutions​

Connect your On-Premises infrastructure with Azure Cloud services. With hybrid solutions you can host an application in Azure and safely use all your On-Premises data.

Azure Services for Data Management & Integration

Understand your data and get insights about your business. We gather Azure’s available technologies to create a solution that helps you collect, analyse and report data.

Web & Mobile Azure Services

With the architectural approach based on customer needs, using loose coupling, decentralization, queue-based load leveling patterns we can make more scalable and available solution.

Core Infrastructure Products

Build a new or migrate existing virtual machines, secure your virtual machines environment, protect workload and data, connect cloud and on-premises environments.


A smart solution for migrating legacy applications to the Cloud. Move applications across platforms and easily manage your resources and services.

Security & Identity Products

Enable secure access to the cloud for your employees. Secure their identities, data, applications and devices, protect on-premises and cloud resources.

Simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.

Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce

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