WooCommerce & M-Files integration

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Integrate WooCommerce with M-Files and manage your orders, emails and invoices easier. Integration is effortless with Azure and Logic Apps.

Introduction to Azure Data Factory

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Every successful company bases its decision-making process on data. To make use of all the data flowing around us, we need to understand its core meaning, gather, and analyze it. To ensure you have the data transferred, organized and the whole process scheduled and monitored, the best solution is Azure Data Factory.

Extend and Protect Your Identities with Azure

Now, when most of us are working from home, traditional network perimeter controls are not sufficient anymore. When company’s data is located only on-premises, identity becomes a new perimeter. Read on how to protect it with Azure.

Azure Data Factory & M-Files

M-Files is one of the best ECMs there is. And Azure is one of the most powerful cloud platforms you can find. So why not connect those two?

Automate Your Email with M-Files Email Processor

In today’s world of business, we spend a big part of our day writing, reading and, frankly, deleting, our emails. Here’s how you can declutter your inbox from irrelevant emails and improve your productivity.

Free Azure MFA for Global Administrators [Step-By-Step Guide]

Using any kind of administrative account without multi-factor authentication (MFA) today presents high level of risk. If you have accounts that belong to Global administrator role in Azure Active Directory you can easily enable Azure MFA for free. Let take it step by step.

How to Automate Human Resources Employee Management

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Human resources departments spend most of their time on administration, instead on what should be at the core of their business – employees. M-Files provides complete automation of human resources processes from hiring to managing each employee.

How to Integrate BizTalk Server with M-Files

Expanding throughout markets and industries results in more and more needs to connect M-Files with other systems, especially legacy systems. Ever since the 2000s, Microsoft has had “a horse in a race” in the integration world – BizTalk Server.