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Business & Process Intelligence

Accelerate your digital transformation

Use your existing data to understand and improve your business.

Collect, integrate, analyze and present raw data into easy to understand, insightful and actionable business information to improve and optimize decision-making and performance. Connect people, processes and data to boost efficiency, reduce cost and risks, and improve quality.

Process Intelligence

ABBYY Timeline

Process intelligence platform that models your business process operations in order to analyze and identify bottlenecks, as well as to predict future outcomes.

Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI

Business analytics service that enables you to gain insights from data throughout your organization. It provides interactive visualizations and powerful tools for transforming, analyzing and visualizing your data.


Understand Your Data

Using our platforms you can convert the enormous amounts of data into a set of visuals and gain insights about your processes and improve decision making in the company. ​ ​

Reduced Time​​

Use data and process insights to find opportunities for automation to save time and effort spent on manual tasks that could be automated.​

Process Visualization and Transparency​​

Visualize your workflows through different stages even from multiple sources. Analyze your data and identify bottlenecks and opportunities in the processes. ​​

Continuous Improvement​​

Process and data visualization enable better use of data to support decision-making, offer opportunities for better optimization of business processes for better productivity and efficiency.​

Working on a lower level, ABBYY Timeline enables you to understand processes between events and their possible bottlenecks.

Data Gathering

Collecting user's data from

Data Extraction

Importing data into the software


Acquiring knowledge of processes


Analyzing the process and identifying bottlenecks


Exporting results and visualizing the processes

Microsoft Power BI enables you to see the bigger picture – understand the process as a whole – how much it costs, how many projects are finished, etc.

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