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WooCommerce & M-Files

Author: Alan Debijađi
Primary tag: woocommerce
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WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin for Ecommerce. It provides advanced on-line store management for physical, digital, and even subscription-based products in a clean and easy-to-understand package.

Integration with M-Files is pretty straightforward using Azure integration stack, for example Logic Apps.

WooCommerce is starting communication with M-Files when order is placed and then M-Files and WooCommerce exchange data based on business process state.

Real life use case

Customer is using WooCommerce as on-line store for offering workshops and similar services. M-Files has operating purpose for managing Workshops - Scheduling, People, E-mails, Invoices, Taxes...

When order is placed WooCommerce sends all information to M-Files. If there are available slots, M-Files opens a new Workshop or adds client on a waiting list or client is automatically rejected if there is no available or future workshop. It’s based on a business rules of specific Workshop. M-Files will inform customer whether they are accepted, added to the waiting list or denied.

When order is accepted by M-Files, information is passed to WooComerce and payment gateway to accept payment. Payment gateway, after successful payment, sends information to M-Files and then M-Files sends receipt to customer.

Workshop is automatically scheduled and created in M-Files.


With M-Files you can solve almost every business challenge according to 3Fs and connecting WooComerce with M-Files brings new perspective in information management field.

Alan Debijađi

Co-Founder of Unitfly, IT Freddie without voice, but with the certain skills in #Leadership, #BusinessDevelopment, #Inovation, #Gamification and #Love :)

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