M-Files E-mail Processor overview

You've all heard that buzzword “digital transformation”. It’s being tossed and turned on every major event, text, plan for the next year. Everybody is talking about it and as it happens to be, we also believe in it and think that everyone should have a plan for how to hop on that train. In a way, you are already digitalized, but, lets take small steps. Our core purpose at Unitfly is, to bust your productivity by making the best use of your company time. Let’s support and clarify that statement with an E-mail. We are all using E-mail, it has became the primary mode of communication. We love the written word, it’s there forever, written in a stone, a fact, a proof and best of all we can chose when to react and so on. E-mailing, texting, messaging somehow became a part of our culture, like phone call before, for personal and business matters. While working, most of us (even developers) spend a lot of time on E-mail conversations. We are bombarded with e-mails and to stay concentrated and focused it takes a lot of effort, so it is not surprising that we struggle with them sometimes . Our time at work is very important, that’s why sometimes we need time without distractions. Which is why some companies have already implemented the “quiet hours”. Quiet hours allow you that time without interaction, when you are with your E-mail clients and with phone off. For middle and upper management E-mail has become almost a primary tool on their job. With E-mail you are taking your work with you wherever you go, practically, the world is your office.

As you are receiving lots of E-mails and your inbox is getting bigger and bigger you can help yourself by filtering the important ones with some kind of rule. The rest, you must delete or forward or mark as read. In other words, you are wasting your time on unimportant E-mails. The important ones are the ones getting all your attention. Even for the important E-mails there are some kind of rules for recognizing them, rules that are being practiced but not automated yet. You might also be forwarding and creating tasks for others with a specific e-mail (task).

Maybe you have a feeling of importance when you see that big number in your E-mail. How much of that E-mail is really important?

If you find yourself spending hours each day reading through stuff that is of no real value to you, chances are it is because you have to worry about your consent being taken for granted because your name was on the CC line. - Peopleware

Don’t miss out on important information.

E-mail is a company’s connection with the world. Maybe you’ll get questions about products, services, proposals, hiring opportunities, support questions an so on, but will loose it among some nonsense E-mails. Customers expect immediate feedback and if you wont respect that, your customers might go away…

One of the great M-Files features ( why M-Files, described here ) is the direct integration with Microsoft Outlook. You can save an E-mail directly from Outlook to M-Files (with an attachment). It’s a great feature if you have Microsoft Office and everyone can see those E-mail conversations, so you can archive and search E-mail and there are no files and E-mail missing and not read e-mails and so on. True, it’s a manual job and you would need to have the Microsoft outlook, but this doesn’t have to be a show stopper.

There is a way to automate classification of E-mail to M-Files, without Microsoft Outlook or manual work - with Unitfly E-mail processor.

M-Files E-mail Processor is standalone rule based application designed for most common scenarios when integrating E-mail with M-Files. M-Files E-mail Processor allows the user to configure rules and exceptions under which e-mail will be stored and classified. You can create new or update existing M-Files object and map fields from e-mail into object properties.

With E-mail processor you can start workflows in M-Files. Starting a workflow by a specific E-mail can cast a whole new light on automation of your processes.

M-Files E-mail processor depends only on M-Files server, that’s its only requirement; you don’t need to have an Outlook or any client to automate E-mails. You can even send notifications and automatic replies to whatever E-mail address.


You can save your time by letting a tool handle “forwarding”, classifying, creating tasks, or even reply “status” to a client back. All E-mail conversation can be automatically saved and updated into M-Files where a whole team can track the process, see updated docs and be aware of any change or a new moment.

E-mail processor can boost company’s productivity and save a lot of time. With merging productivity and time we get a big “money” value for a company. Switching manual person work to an application you are taking big steps towards the digital transformation. Digital transformation, firstly, is a mindset, the way of thinking change where you “free” your people of continues, boring, automated activities and free their time by letting applications do that. By doing that , they can spend their energy on some other tasks, or on some innovative, creative things for which usually they don’t have time. People are your most valuable assets and they will bring you the most value, so by letting them think more, they will create more. Let E-mail processor take care of your continues E-mails and bring immediate feedback to your customer. Don’t ever miss out on an important information. Use of M-Files E-mail processor is numerous, just like with M-Files, but here are some good examples: Support ticketing system, Human Resources and job applications, Collect all your website leads in M-Files, Effective finance department, E-mail conversation tracking…