[Digital Transformation] Manage your Travel Orders

This is a series of blog posts by Unitfly in which we are describing stories of Digital Transformation - stories about improving business using power of technology!

Have in mind that in this articles we are not referring to any of our specific clients, these are examples how we see the potential of technology in business context.

What is current situation?

Use case customer is an intermediary company with more then 300 employees where at least half of them are commercial travelers. They are generating around 50 - 100 Travel Orders per day, so keeping records and logistic is very challenging. To get from point A to a point B in logistic terms employee had a few steps to go trough before actually going on road.


Customer has solved almost every manual step in their process using BizTalk Integration solution where they also connected all the systems needed for Travel Orders process.

Problems and consequences of current situation…

Employee satisfaction and productivity has raised as now they only need to create a request in Travel Orders application. With one part solved we still have a situation that potentially could give a Finance department lots of headache.

Finance department has to deal with big amount of Travel Orders documents (.pdf-s) that are arriving on a daily basis. Also there is a huge amount of additional receipts and documentation for each Travel Order. Paper piles up.

What client needs?

Customer needs to digitally archive all the Travel Orders (.pdf-s) that are sent through BizTalk to Finance department. They also need a place where they can digitally save all the receipts and documentation of each travel order.

Proposed solution and benefits…

Knowing customers need, we have proposed M-Files for document management and digitalization process. Fortunately, with M-Files platform we can propose a flexible and agile approach. The missing piece was a connection between BizTalk and M-Files, so customer purchased BizTalk M-Files adapter.

At the end, the integration process was set up to send data to two asynchronous systems:

  • to M-Files, where .pdf is pushed with all their available metadata
  • to Financial system, where cost logic is done


After a successful implementation of Travel Order process and we had satisfied and happy employees as finance department got all travel orders and all documentation digitalized and in one place. Travel orders are searchable, easily accessed and employees, on the other hand, can easily go through travel orders process. Employees can even scan their receipts and required documentation and upload or send to the Finance department by E-mail.

Implemented solution significantly reduced employees “Time to finish” Travel Orders process, so not only company would “save” money, they would have more focused and relaxed employees for their ongoing work.

If you are interested in complete solution and details about used technologies read our Use Case Document. And yes, we would like to hear from you, leave us a comment about your thoughts of transformation like this or contact us so we can talk in more details!