BizTalk M-Files Adapter by Unitfly

Past few years have witnessed the growing popularity of M-Files.Their global partner network is rapidly expanding and we want to be a part of that. All this commotion around M-files is absolutely justified and you can convince yourself of that while reviewing this blog. There are a lot of different technologies on the horizon and more will come. Integration is one of the leading trends in terms of market share also recognized by Gartner. One source sums it up well:

“A poorly-planned integration could result in siloed apps that do not communicate with each other, which wipes out the benefits of using SaaS.”

More about Integration, what it is, what types of integration there are, you can read in our white paper. Ever since 2000 Microsoft had a horse for a race in an integration world. Today it is one of the best Enterprise integration engines - Microsoft BizTalk Server. With BizTalk any kind of enterprise integration can be solved and any kind of business process handled.

Our predictions are that M-Files will be growing and will stay in Gartner magical quadrant as a leader for a long time. In 2017. Gartner report, M-Files is close to leaders quadrant currently holding high position in visionaries quadrant, but it is already in leader quadrant according to Nucleus researcher. Expanding market outcome will result in more and more needs to connect M-Files with many other systems, especially legacy systems. There will be a lot of migration from old, legacy systems to M-Files.

Microsoft is building quite an impressive (Azure) stack, especially in integration perspective. Microsoft BizTalk engine is the foundation of that stack with all functionalities like stability, orchestration, real time processing and a lot of out the box adapters / connectors. Version 2016 of BizTalk Server has the adapter for Logic Apps and can use over a 100 Logic apps connectors.

In view of impressive and well deserved M-Files expansion and Microsoft Integration road-map, building a Microsoft BizTalk M-Files adapter was a logical decision for Unitfly. In a clever way, with the adapter all M-Files and Microsoft BizTalk strengths can be easily used.


BizTalk M-Files adapter, as picture illustrates, can communicate with Microsoft BizTalk server in both ways: send and receive.

Receive data or files from M-Files

One of primary and certainly the largest M-Files use is document management. Every file, based on search condition, can be pulled by BizTalk from M-Files and pushed to a different system. For example, we could drag out the files marked for an archive and push files to a blob storage, FTP or to a different file storage. After we pull, the file property can be updated in M-Files with relevant information.

BizTalk adapter has the option to pull M-Files objects in .xml format to BizTalk. This can be useful for updating other systems with relevant metadata from M-Files. Then M-Files could be use as a central Enterprise Content Management platform.

One interesting use case with Restaurant Chain Management is described here.

Send data or files to M-Files

With a grow of different systems, especially with a trend of IoT, Data integration has become very popular. Data integration is gathering data from different places for example IoT devices and storing it at one place. That place is usually database. With our BizTalk M-Files adapter we can now use M-Files as a our centralized place. Objects can be created or updated, files can be pushed to M-Files with their metadata. With the opportunity to send any information from anywhere to M-Files a brimful of new ideas and capabilities is now among us.

Simple use case of how to use M-Files as a central place for Travel Orders is here.

If you are ready to “catch the Digital Transformation train” and you are considering M-Files as a solution for your needs please visit our M-Files Services page and find more details about the platform and how you can benefit from M-Files.

Even better, if you want to connect M-Files and BizTalk visit our product page :)