Customer Success in M-Files Implementations – Best Practices

Your business exists to serve your customers, right? So you need to make sure you are doing all you can to keep the customer happy and satisfied with the solution you provide them with. That’s the job of customer success.

What is Customer Success?

When software products turned to the subscription model, it gave software companies a more predictable revenue, which they can use to further improve their products. However, customers are now able to cancel subscription at any point, which prompted companies to ensure their customers get the best value from using their product and the best customer experience they can.

That’s why customer success (CS) is imperative in today’s business. Great CS practices lead to satisfied customers who believe in the provided solution that helps them achieve their business goals.

On the other hand, customer success creates partnerships, growth opportunities for the company and customer advocates.

So, how can you achieve that?

Here, we’ll show you our customer success approach that got us the recognition as the M-Files Customer Success Partner of the Year. We’ll give you actionable steps you can do to help your customers and reap the benefits of customer success.

Anticipate customer needs and fulfil them through your solution

M-Files defines their customer success practices with a sentence

We succeed together by forging deep, trusted relationships with customers while also exploring new ways to optimize their document management process.

Customer success is the actions a company does to anticipate customers’ needs and fulfil them through their solutions and products.

Customer success should result in customers wanting to continue using the service or product a company provides in the long term.

How we implement customer success practices in Unitfly

Our slogan is People, Business, Technology and Innovation – we take pride in being a people-centric company. That means that our main focus is our people, our teammates, as well as our customers.

First and foremost, customer success is about defining the value of the solution we provide together with the customer – what the customer’s challenges are, how we can help them overcome them and improve their business using our solution.

Every method we use to deliver the best value we can to our customers is about communication – understanding the needs, communicating the value and managing the expectations.

Essentially, we consider ourselves long-term advisors who want to help our customers improve their business gradually and completely.

Here are the main elements of our customer success practices that drive value:

  1. Customer account profile
  2. Joint success plan
  3. Regular check-ins
  4. Executive business review (EBR)
  5. Surveys

1. Customer account profile

Jay Baer, the president of Convince and Convert, an online customer service and digital marketing consultancy said: “The more you know about your customers, the more you can provide to them information that is increasingly useful, relevant and persuasive.”.

The first thing our consultants do is create a customer account profile, to get the complete picture of customer’s needs and wants. It is a document that is the ground for building a successful implementation strategy, as well as a means to track the customer’s progress throughout the project.

It is important to periodically write down information about the customer’s situation and expectations of the project. It’s easy to lose direction when you’re not reviewing the needs and benefits the client expects. Using the customer account profile you can evaluate the success of the project, and make sure to deliver the value your customer anticipates.

We solve real business problems

2. Joint success plan

In order for the customer to be satisfied with the solution, the project has to be successful.

First we need to, together with the customer, identify what “success” is for them and how we can achieve that.

Joint success plan is a document, written in collaboration with the customer, that lays out their current situation, their challenges and pain points, identifies their business objectives and action plans of how we can help them get there. All in all, joint success plan details the path toward achieving business outcomes that is a reference point for both your customer and for you.

3. Regular check-ins

Every check-in you do with your customer should be intentional and deliver value to you and to them. It is not a matter of asking how everything is going, but evaluating the progress and working toward the goals and expectations of the client.

Regularly asking for feedback during implementations will ensure that the solution is tailored to their wants and finished on time.

Find out if the adoption of the solution is going well, if there are some concerns regarding the solution, discuss the progress and potential issues. It’s better to anticipate the problem than to react retroactively.

4. Executive business review

Executive business review (EBR) is a formal meeting we conduct with our customers quarterly. The primary goal of EBRs is to create a space for the customer to communicate their concerns, expectations and ideas.

Our job is to present progress, the value the solution brings, and plan the next steps and discuss what else we can do to improve their business. That’s a great way to remind them of the improvements the solution brings.

Communicate the purpose of the meeting and the prerequisites, and schedule the meeting well ahead.

5. Surveys

In order to deliver great customer service, we must evaluate it regularly. Surveys are a great way to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of our approach, and to recognize what needs to be improved.

After each project, we send the surveys to the customer and adopters, analyze the results and act accordingly.

Regular communication is key

The bottom line?

Your solution and approach to customers must deliver value to their business.

The processes introduced above give you the technique to understand your customers better, to listen and learn about their needs and goals. The insights you get from these practices will give you the means to anticipate customers’ requests and provide the solution they need.

By following customer success practices at your company and supporting your clients throughout your collaboration, you ensure they become loyal advocates and spread the word about your brand.

What is Azure Synapse Analytics and how it differs from Data Factory

Challenges and innovations in the IT world on Advanced Technology Days

Advanced Technology Days was held in Zagreb for the 17th time! The conference has become a traditional gathering of IT enthusiasts in the SEE region with an emphasis on new technologies and innovations in the field. This year Unitfly had two presenters: our COO talked about Azure Synapse Analytics, an Azure platform that combines enterprise data warehouse and big data analytics to ensure centralized management of data lakes and warehouses. Seemingly opposite, our Software Engineer Dino Grgic presented the challenges of OCR, which you can read here.

COO Alan Debijadi / Unitfly

We will now get in-depth into Azure Synapse Analytics.

Bulking up with Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is an enterprise analytics service that offers a more efficient way to gain insights across data warehouses and big data systems. It offers the key features of multiple solutions: ETL from data warehouses, big data analytics, and reporting, as well as visualization (achieved by accessing Power BI within the service).

Difference between Synapse Analytics and Data Factory

Azure Synapse Analytics can help you turn big, unstructured data into actionable insights, while Data Factory ensures numerous integrations without the use of code. The main difference between the two services is that Synapse Analytics is an analytics service, and Data Factory is a hybrid data integration service that simplifies the ETL at scale. Data Factory offers the integration of different data sources, but Synapse Analytics serves as a platform from which you can manage, prepare and serve data for BI and Machine Learning purposes with reporting capabilities.

Azure Data Factory offers features such as:

  • real-time integration
  • parallel processing
  • data chunker

On the other hand, Azure Synapse provides:

  • Complete T-SQL-based analytics
  • deeply integrated Apache Spark
  • hybrid data integration

What does Azure Synapse Analytics do?

Ingest – all functionalities of Data Factory and more

Synapse Analytics offers all the possibilities of Data Factory such as the integration of different data sources, but with added functionalities of monitoring, management, alerting, and security in one place.

Explore and analyze – using Synapse SQL

Synapse SQL combines distributed query processing capabilities with Azure Storage to achieve high performance and scalability, offering serverless and dedicated resource models.

Serverless SQL pool

Serverless SQL pool is a query service over the data in your data lake. It enables you to access your data through these functionalities:

  • a familiar T-SQL syntax to query data in place without the need to copy or load data into a specialized store
  • integrated connectivity via the T-SQL interface that offers a wide range of business intelligence and ad-hoc querying tools, including the most popular drivers

Dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW)

Dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW) is a collection of analytic resources that are provisioned when using Synapse SQL. The size of a dedicated SQL pool is determined by Data Warehousing Units (DWU).

The analysis results can go to worldwide reporting databases or applications. Business analysts can then gain insights to make well-informed business decisions.

The other available services are Apache Spark and Data Explorer (still in preview).


The main appeal of Synapse Analytics lies in the ability to do everything in one place. Thanks to the native integration with Power BI, data can be instantly visualized in the platform.


Azure Synapse Analytics offers a way to have the whole end-to-end process in one place, from managing, preparing, and serving data for BI and machine learning purposes. Without the need to include additional platforms to import data from different sources, it positions itself as a must-have solution for data engineers.

M-Files Recognized as Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

M-Files has been named a visionary platform in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for content services platforms. In comparison with 18 vendors, M-Files was positioned furthest for completeness of vision.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services
Source: Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms, gartner.com

This is a validation of the company’s unique approach to managing content, connecting knowledge workers with the content they need, when they need it, regardless of where it is stored, to drive more informed decision making.

“M-Files continues to set the standard for a smarter way to work through our innovative information management solutions. We are proud to be recognized as a Visionary in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms and to be positioned furthest for completeness of vision,” said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO, M-Files. “We feel this year’s placement, including our positioning for ability to execute, reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and highlights the unmatched capabilities we offer to support the digital client experience.”

M-Files provides a modern approach to information management that addresses the problem of disconnected data silos. Its platform increases the productivity of knowledge workers by providing powerful tools for search, content lifecycle management, and automated workflows that enable business continuity and reduce risk with enforced governance.

At the core of M-Files is AI, which is pervasive throughout the entire platform. AI enables the platform to put content into context, improving visibility, security and processing of information. With better insights and control over information across systems and repositories, M-Files helps organizations drive digital transformation and improve customer experience.

The platforms enables optimal collaboration without data duplication and integrates with common applications such as Microsoft 365 application suite, Google Workspace and Salesforce, offering access in the user interface with which they prefer to work. New enhancements to the M-Files platform, along with the company’s April 2021 acquisition of Hubshare, bolstered external content sharing and collaboration. With Hubshare, M-Files delivers a secure information exchange platform with branded and customizable client portals, heightening the digital client experience. User and client engagement is enhanced through collaborative working, secure file sharing and project management.

In addition, 90 percent of respondents would recommend M-Files as a Content Services Platform, as of October 19, 2021, based on 71 reviews on Gartner Peer Insights over the past twelve months.

  • “M-Files Is The Best. What an application it is, the power of this application belongs to its features and support services, M-Files allows us to access the data from anywhere, handles metadata. It’s really awesome application to have.” – Senior Software Engineer, Services [read full review]
  • “Excellent Tool For File Management. Simple And Easy To Use. Best product for managing Files. Provides good security to our system. Data will be classified and managed easily. User interface is simple and easy to navigate.” – CIO, Services [read full review]
  • “M-Files Is Very Powerful And Easy To Use Tool For Content Management. Working with company experts has been exceptionally efficient and smooth. We have enjoyed the modern classification methods. Metadata based application seems to be only possible way to provide good user experience for several thousand users around the globe with very different roles and needs.” – IT Platform Manager, Manufacturing [read full review]
  • “Records Management Done Right! From the first time I saw a demonstration of M‑Files, I was blown away. M‑Files makes Content / Records Management look easy. From the decision to implement M‑Files within our business to going live with our first project was an enjoyable & successful journey. The roll out and transition from our historical EDRMS to M‑Files was seamless and our feedback of M‑Files is extremely positive.” – National Records & System Manager, Construction [read full review]

Click here to download a complimentary copy of the report: Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

Gartner Disclaimer

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– Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

GARTNER and MAGIC QUADRANT are registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and are used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

About M-Files Corporation

M-Files’ AI-powered intelligent information management solution connects all documents and information, across every platform and repository, then analyzes them to place them in context. This makes it possible to serve up the right information to the right people right when they need it—and automate information-driven business processes—while maintaining complete control and compliance. Thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries (including NBC Universal, OMV, SAS Institute, and ThyssenKrupp) use M-Files to manage their business information and processes—and give their employees A Smarter Way to Work. For more information, visit, www.m-files.com.

Source: https://resources.m-files.com/press-release-en/m-files-named-a-visionary-in-2021-gartner-magic-quadrant-for-content-services-platforms

M-Files leads Nucleus Research Content report for the eighth year in a row

M-Files has been recognized as a leader in Nucleus Research Content Services and Collaboration Value Matrix for the eight consecutive year!

Today’s work from anywhere world needs a platform that will offer easy access to data from anywhere, anytime and any device, while keeping the information secure and centralized. All of that can be found in the intelligent information management platform M-Files. And here’s the proof.

nucleus value matrix CSC 2021
Nucleus Research Content Management and Collaboration (document number: V 111 July 2021)

The shift to remote and hybrid work structures emphasized the need for organizations to digitalize, as well as modernize their collaboration and content management to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their business. Because of the shift that happened during the past year, customers now expect a wide range of functionalities and a platform that can integrate with their existing business systems.

In order to meet the demands of the customers during the pandemic, content management vendors are investing in:

  • collaboration
  • workflow automation
  • security

Out of 15 vendors Nucleus considered, M-Files has established as a leader in terms of usability and functionality for the eight year in a row. This is a proof of the company’s visionary approach that gives organizations the opportunity to leverage their resources in a smarter way and enables their workers to access and use content more easily and productively.

How to Make a Great Solution with an Agile Approach

Choose the Right Content Management System (CMS)

M-Files recognized for its modern approach to information management

The platform increases the productivity of knowledge workers by providing powerful tools for search, content lifecycle management, and automated workflows that enable business continuity and reduce risk with enforced governance.

“The company’s diverse, flexible set of world-class AI technologies, metadata-driven approach, and ability to provide meaningful context sets the standard for content services and collaboration solutions moving forward. M-Files’ strategic product advancements over the past year reaffirm the platform’s unique attributes and distinction in the marketplace.”

Barbara Peck, chief research analyst, Nucleus Research

As official M-Files reseller and certified application partner, we are proud to offer the best technology out there to our customers.

New features in 2021

With the new M-Files Web, a redesigned user interface, M-Files aims to help the end-users adapt to the solution more quickly. The platform has introduced a new cloud infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure Service Fabric architecture. As a result, customers are able to gain fuller control of their solution. In addition, M-Files expands electronic signature options with integration with Adobe Sign.

All of that suggests a continuous development of the platform to meet the demands and need of the customers in the post-pandemic information management.

Download the full report here: https://resources.m-files.com/industry-reports/nucleus-research-content-services-collaboration-technology-value-matrix-2021-m-files-leader

[IDEAS TO IMPACT] Fuji Judo Club – Sport Inclusion for People with Disabilities

We’ve started a series of talks, and blog posts – Ideas to Impact. This is our way of reminding ourselves of the different perspectives and paths in life. Having people of diverse backgrounds talk about their life, work and ideas, forces us to let go of our usual mindset and open ourselves to a shift of perspective. The purpose of Ideas to Impact is to share the diverse paths each of us can take. To share ideas that change the way we perceive the world around us. In listening to others’ stories and challenges, we are growing as individuals and as a company. We hope it will do the same for you.

On Friday, our Unitfly office was filled with inspiring thoughts, after a presentation delivered by Marina Drašković, a judo coach and founder of Fuji – the first judo club for people with disabilities in Croatia. She has a black belt in judo, has travelled all over the world and trained with the best of the best. Yet, she considers founding Fuji Judo Club the biggest achievement in her life.

People stand for a picture
Marina from Fuji Judo Club for People with Disabilities with Unitfly team

When you are a child with a dream of going to the Olympics, you put all the efforts into that and practice two times a day. At least that’s how it was for Marina. “You’re setting goals and constantly looking forward, living in the future. But when things don’t work out as expected, you end up disappointed. It took a long time for me to finally stop living in the future, slow down and concentrate on the present.”

After letting go of the dream of being a professional athlete, Marina realized success is a subjective thing. For her, it’s about helping kids with disabilities overcome their obstacles.

Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.

Since an injury and lack of financing prevented her from accomplishing her dream of going to the Olympics, she majored in Economics. After a long search for a job in the field, she turned to what she knew best – judo. She started teaching kids in the local judo club, Pinky. Even though she didn’t have any experience with disabilities, the idea of helping disabled children engage in sports came to her mind. She got into contact with a coach who was organizing aikido classes for kids with disabilities and invited her to participate.

Knowing nothing about disabilities the children had, she started researching different conditions, studying and adapting the techniques for each child. Since then, she has completed a training program for a leader for sports activities for children with disabilities, the same program for judo coaches and a program for physiotherapeutic technician.

Fuji Judo Club for people with disabilities
photo by Igor Kolarec

“After one judo session, I felt like I just gave them a million dollars.”

The first practice was a turning point. “At the end of the class, two girls with cerebral palsy hugged me for 15 minutes straight, thanking me for teaching them. I’ve never felt this kind of gratitude, my whole value system changed instantly”, Marina tells us.

From 2012, when she founded her association, until today, she holds practices for 40 kids, in five groups; kids with cerebral palsy and motor disabilities, Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, kids from the Centre for Education of Children and Youth, kids with motor and intellectual disabilities, and girls with motor and intellectual disabilities.

All the groups are divided according to the needs and possibilities of each child. “Creativity is the most important skill here”, Marina continues. “You have to adapt each technique reflective of their disabilities and needs. It’s a matter of trial and error.” In her efforts, she has help from coaches, physiotherapists, and experts.

“By creating friendships, we live inclusion.”

The kids with disabilities can count on, not only the help of adults, but also their peers from Judo Club Pinky. Marina has created an encouraging, supportive space where children can train without stereotypes and judgement. That kind of environment results in breaking their psychological barriers. It gives them self-esteem and the opportunity to see themselves as athletes. This kind of integration breaks the societal prejudice, and helps children see beyond their disabilities. They spend time together with kids without difficulties, go to concerts, theatre, even weekend trips – for some, the first time without their parents.

Fuji Judo Club for people with disabilities
photo by Igor Kolarec

Judo teaches them a healthy view of life. It helps them open up, socialize and develop skills needed for a quality life. On the other hand, children without disabilities develop sensibility society desperately needs, and learn to treat children with difficulties as their equals.

Marina’s judo club is completely free, running entirely off donations. “These parents have enough expenses with medical bills”, Marina emphasizes. “It is challenging but working with these kids is rewarding in itself.”

With initiatives like this, encouraging inclusion from the youngest age, we are helping in eliminating stereotypes and prejudice in the society. Marina is an example of a person who listened and recognized the need for society to change. And she took it into her own hands. We see an extraordinary woman fulfilling her vision and making a change. It’s on us to support her, share her story. So that one day, inclusion can become a norm.

More about the club and the positive change they make

If you wish to support their efforts, check out this fundraiser “800 km of Happiness” and raise money for sport inclusion for people with disabilities. They are making the 820 km trip biking and running to ensure all activities remain free for all club members in 2022.